The Atlantic Crossword October 21 2021 Answers

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The Atlantic Crossword October 21 2021 Answers:

Burrito wrap 4 letters FOIL
Structure in an Igbo compound 3 letters HUT
Liu who paints under the pseudonym Yu Ling 4 letters LUCY
Fire sign? 3 letters ASH
Bunches 4 letters ATON
Shape of skis in a pizza stop 3 letters VEE
Naturally booming? 8 letters THUNDERY
Open-minded 8 letters TOLERANT
Birth-control option briefly 3 letters IUD
Zion setting 4 letters UTAH
Fig. that might need to be accompanied by a DOB 3 letters SSN
Performer with no lines 4 letters MIME
___ up (agitated) 3 letters HET
Academic fields that may involve many problem sets for short 4 letters STEM
Pretty level 8 letters FLATTISH
Privy 8 letters OUTHOUSE
Demure statement 8 letters ICOULDNT
Ramsay who directed You Were Never Really Here 5 letters LYNNE
Go wild 8 letters HAVEATIT
Tag on social media? 8 letters USERNAME
Nonbinary pronoun pair 8 letters THEYTHEM
They’re often hit on the head 5 letters DRUMS

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