The Atlantic Crossword October 13 2021 Answers

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The Atlantic Crossword October 13 2021 Answers:

The Simpsons character who called crosswords alphabet hotels because each letter gets its own little room 3 letters ABE
___ feed 3 letters RSS
Bygone space-colonization organization 7 letters MARSONE
Place to let dough sit? 7 letters CASHBOX
That hurt! 4 letters YEOW
Short lively musical composition 7 letters SCHERZO
Source of a burning smell in the kitchen maybe 7 letters TOASTER
I’d prefer to avoid that topic 7 letters DONTASK
TV channel that shares its name with a theater chain 3 letters AMC
[I’m a sheep!] 3 letters BAA
Some medical-drama settings: abbr. 3 letters ERS
Feel Like Makin’ Love singer Flack 7 letters ROBERTA
Catches some z’s 7 letters SNOOZES
Income source for many creators on OnlyFans 7 letters SEXWORK
Most reserved 6 letters SHYEST
Criterion: abbr. 3 letters STD
Cry from a cote 3 letters COO
Author Jenny who wrote the To All the Boys series 3 letters HAN

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