The Atlantic Crossword November 30 2021 Answers

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The Atlantic Crossword November 30 2021 Answers:

Sexiest ___ Alive (2021 honor for Paul Rudd) 3 letters MAN
Jump atop 6 letters LEAPON
Not out on the town 6 letters ATHOME
Mammals like Moby-Dick 6 letters WHALES
Go for the price of 6 letters SELLAT
Hair parts in the scalp 5 letters ROOTS
Thank you for the beautiful lei! 6 letters MAHALO
Space program named after a Greek god 6 letters APOLLO
Vegetarian’s request 6 letters NOMEAT
Ones written by Newton about motion or Asimov about robotics 4 letters LAWS
Vanish into the ___ 5 letters ETHER
Intricate structures built by weaverbirds 5 letters NESTS

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