The Atlantic Crossword November 23 2021 Answers

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The Atlantic Crossword November 23 2021 Answers:

Potent strain of marijuana that shares its name with a biblical figure 4 letters KUSH
Starbucks size that’s the Italian word for twenty 5 letters VENTI
All Too Well (10 Minute Version) (___’s Version) (From the Vault) 6 letters TAYLOR
Whole 6 letters ENTIRE
Boa constrictors e.g. 6 letters SNAKES
Speedy hoppers 5 letters HARES
Hybrid instrument with a portmanteau name 6 letters KEYTAR
Dissimilar 6 letters UNLIKE
Toys R Us and Babies R Us 6 letters STORES
Brings onto the payroll 5 letters HIRES
White who briefly hosted Wheel of Fortune in Pat Sajak’s absence 5 letters VANNA
John who composed Roundball Rock 4 letters TESH

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