The Atlantic Crossword November 19 2020 Answers

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The Atlantic Crossword November 19 2020 Answers:

Swear (to) 6 letters ATTEST
Friendly 7 letters CORDIAL
On a whole other level in slang 8 letters CRAYCRAY
Exodus author 4 letters URIS
Airline owned by Howard Hughes 3 letters TWA
International Talk Like a Pirate Day mo. 3 letters SEP
Forest of Freiburg 4 letters WALD
Caught 8 letters ENSNARED
Squad representing the land of the free 7 letters TEAMUSA
Children’s dr. who wasn’t a pediatrician 5 letters SEUSS
Point fingers at 6 letters ACCUSE
Deluge 7 letters TORRENT
Rambles (about) 8 letters TRAIPSES
Blue Bell alternative 4 letters EDYS
[It’s supposed to be wrong like this] 3 letters SIC
Hellish abyss in Greek mythology 8 letters TARTARUS
Like frontier justice 7 letters LAWLESS
Blah blah blah when repeated twice 5 letters YADDA
BofA competitor until 2008 4 letters WAMU
Refusal from a lass 3 letters NAE

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