The Atlantic Crossword November 18 2020 Answers

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The Atlantic Crossword November 18 2020 Answers:

Ukrainian beetroot bowlful 7 letters BORSCHT
Hit me again 7 letters ONEMORE
Sang while high? 7 letters YODELED
Bud 3 letters PAL
First lady after Martha 7 letters ABIGAIL
Aftershave option named for its German origins 7 letters COLOGNE
Most towering 7 letters TALLEST
___ bye (dismissal from Beyoncé) 3 letters BOY
Artists Against Fracking co-founder 3 letters ONO
Truth that might be hard to swallow in more ways than one 7 letters REDPILL
Gollum once 7 letters SMEAGOL
Many a work by Robert Rauschenberg 7 letters COLLAGE
Realm of Otto I: abbr. 3 letters HRE
Talk in front of a slideshow presentation often 3 letters TED
Embody Uncle Vanya say 3 letters ACT
Wrap around the neck 3 letters BOA
Connections that might lead to a job 3 letters INS
Mulligan in tennis 3 letters LET

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