The Atlantic Crossword May 9 2021 Answers

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The Atlantic Crossword May 9 2021 Answers:

Assemblage artist Betye 4 letters SAAR
Mom-and-pop org.? 3 letters PTA
Jelly seen on buffet tables 6 letters STERNO
Christiania now 4 letters OSLO
Ancient deity of the dawn 3 letters EOS
Secret spot? 6 letters ARMPIT
Gives grief 4 letters AILS
Dada dude 3 letters ARP
Speaks with a horse voice? 6 letters NEIGHS
S T R E A M? 12 letters MASTERPIECES
Big name in chips 5 letters INTEL
The E of QED 4 letters ERAT
Let it stand 4 letters STET
Fold spindle or mutilate 3 letters MAR
Completed 4 letters DONE
Somewhat 5 letters SORTA
Sacrificial sites 6 letters ALTARS
Leader of a movement? 6 letters DANCER
Bloodsucker 5 letters LEECH
Bridge support 4 letters IBAR
9 to 5 say: abbr. 3 letters HRS
A bit 4 letters SOME
Someone making a special list in December? 4 letters DEAN
Come up 5 letters ARISE
S E W N? 12 letters NEWSSEGMENTS
Site of Vulcan’s forge supposedly 6 letters MTETNA
The Waste Land monogram 3 letters TSE
Long long time 4 letters AGES
Steamy say 6 letters RATEDR
Deception 3 letters LIE
Drop it 4 letters DELE
Diminished 6 letters ERODED
Talk talk talk 3 letters YAK
Mmes of Madrid 4 letters SRAS
Me too! 5 letters SOAMI
Japanese or Javanese 5 letters ASIAN
Elite athletic squad 11 letters ALLSTARTEAM
Slate 6 letters ROSTER
Brandy flavor 4 letters PEAR
Sink 7 letters TORPEDO
It’s a relief 7 letters ASPIRIN
Holy in Latin phrases 6 letters SANCTI
Certain surgeon’s patient 4 letters TREE
Discharge 8 letters EMISSION
D&D e.g. 3 letters RPG
Govt. medical agency 3 letters NIH
Tiebreakers briefly 3 letters OTS
Slippery 9-Down 3 letters ELM
Gutter locale 4 letters EAVE
Performer expressing unrequited love 11 letters TORCHSINGER
Come on in! 5 letters ENTER
Onetime Winter Palace residents 5 letters TSARS
Rushing units briefly 3 letters YDS
Agcy. overseeing retirement benefits 3 letters SSA
Fountain treats 5 letters MALTS
Last Olds model 5 letters ALERO
Like the final bit of soufflé? 8 letters ACCENTED
MLB scoreboard abbr. 3 letters RHE
___ Day (1993 rap hit) 3 letters DRE
Martinique et Guadeloupe 4 letters ILES
Horrid 7 letters BEASTLY
Reason for an identity crisis? 7 letters AMNESIA
Name of 11 English kings 6 letters EDWARD
Where Walter served in The Big Lebowski 3 letters NAM
Steps 6 letters TREADS
Inscribed slab 5 letters STELA
Twisty turns 5 letters ESSES
The Neverending Story author Michael 4 letters ENDE
Nerd (out) 4 letters GEEK
Chow in 47-Down or the 59-Down 3 letters MRE
Material in roadwork 3 letters TAR
Command for DDE 3 letters ETO

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