The Atlantic Crossword March 5 2021 Answers

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The Atlantic Crossword March 5 2021 Answers:

Sitcom that Hillary Clinton made a cameo on in 2016 9 letters BROADCITY
Attractive middle-aged man in slang 9 letters SILVERFOX
Splash softly against 5 letters LAPAT
Implement typically worn on the thumb to play bluegrass 9 letters BANJOPICK
Enlightening event 9 letters EYEOPENER
___ Coleman Jamie Lee Curtis’s Freaky Friday character 4 letters TESS
City that Samuel Beckett wrote The Capital of the Ruins about 4 letters STLO
Certain cart puller 3 letters ASS
Like many allergy medications briefly 3 letters OTC
Recessions 4 letters EBBS
Wrapper at a sushi bar 4 letters NORI
Dry whimsicality 9 letters DROLLNESS
Transition toward 9 letters SHIFTINTO
Manual alternative 4 letters AUTO
Chalcedony variety 4 letters ONYX
Many code talkers recruited by America during WWII 7 letters NAVAJOS
Mild injuries 7 letters SCRAPES
Popular app for reselling clothes 5 letters DEPOP
Bug-catching period? 4 letters BETA
Motion carriers 4 letters AYES
Druid for one 4 letters CELT
He was played by Keaton in The Founder 4 letters KROC

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