The Atlantic Crossword June 9 2021 Answers

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The Atlantic Crossword June 9 2021 Answers:

Everything it’s cracked up to be 7 letters ALLTHAT
1988 action classic with the villain Hans Gruber 7 letters DIEHARD
Surreptitious places to keep cards 7 letters SLEEVES
Urban honor briefly? 3 letters CMA
Made someone feel like an outsider 7 letters OTHERED
Lost sleep (over) 7 letters FRETTED
Able to be split atomically 7 letters FISSILE
Pop-ups e.g. 3 letters ADS
___ Nas X (Old Town Road musical artist) 3 letters LIL
Small suckers 7 letters LEECHES
One squad in a Subway Series matchup 7 letters THEMETS
Pale-yellow Danish cheese 7 letters HAVARTI
Both blanks in the HBO drama We ___ Who We ___ 3 letters ARE
Many NFL Live highlights briefly 3 letters TDS
Command to a dog that’s getting too frisky 3 letters OFF
Prefix with pod 3 letters TRI
Anago or unagi to a sushi chef 3 letters EEL
Prez between HST and JFK 3 letters DDE

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