The Atlantic Crossword January 13 2021 Answers

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The Atlantic Crossword January 13 2021 Answers:

Grp. regulated by the Federal Election Campaign Act 3 letters PAC
Fury 3 letters IRE
Kinda sorta 3 letters ISH
Start of a Latin apology 3 letters MEA
Has an urgent desire 7 letters THIRSTS
Batter’s success 7 letters BASEHIT
Another 7 letters ONEMORE
Longtime letters on Pujols’s cap 3 letters STL
Not neath 3 letters OER
Solange to Bey 3 letters SIS
Oscar-nominated actor Watanabe 3 letters KEN
Monitor on the floor 7 letters PITBOSS
Collaborator with Fat Joe on What’s Luv? 7 letters ASHANTI
Shapes a bust perhaps 7 letters CHISELS
Okay that was seriously freaky 7 letters IMSHOOK
One no longer minding their own business? 7 letters RETIREE
Atlanta’s time zone 7 letters EASTERN
Phase also known as paradoxical sleep 3 letters REM

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