The Atlantic Crossword February 28 2021 Answers

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The Atlantic Crossword February 28 2021 Answers:

[Hey you!] 4 letters PSST
Imgur posts 4 letters GIFS
___ scare (horror-movie staple) 4 letters JUMP
Quinceañera e.g. 4 letters RITE
I Got 5 ___ (’90s rap track remixed for Jordan Peele’s Us) 4 letters ONIT
Surprised Pikachu et al. 5 letters MEMES
Computer-lab fixture perhaps 4 letters IMAC
Group in many conspiracy theories 10 letters ILLUMINATI
Study material for an ophthalmology exam? 12 letters SIGHTREADING
It might come with a compass 3 letters MAP
It’s sometimes dry but never wet 3 letters WIT
Shrub in a giraffe’s diet 6 letters ACACIA
Tiny devices from the maker of the 16-Across once 5 letters NANOS
Publication that’s always in the red? 4 letters TIME
Make like Frogger 3 letters HOP
What a hasty dermatologist might make? 13 letters RASHDECISIONS
Flour used in 28-Down 4 letters ATTA
Kimberlite for one 3 letters ORE
SoundLink Mini producer 4 letters BOSE
Business deals among rheumatologists? 13 letters JOINTVENTURES
Wolfed down 3 letters ATE
They might ring (or have rings) 4 letters EARS
Reached a peak with out 5 letters MAXED
Put back into a Ziploc say 6 letters RESEAL
Epidermal-health letters 3 letters SPF
Thalassophobe’s fear 3 letters SEA
Like a talented pulmonologist’s skills? 12 letters BREATHTAKING
Sorry them’s the breaks 10 letters SADBUTTRUE
Cause of pinching one’s nose 4 letters ODOR
Thread poster in slang 5 letters TWEEP
Paltry 4 letters MERE
Block party maybe 4 letters FETE
Not safe for work 4 letters LEWD
Snake dropping? 4 letters SKIN
That tracks 4 letters ISEE
Find at the end of a rainbow 5 letters PRISM
Tarsier’s cousin 6 letters SIMIAN
Events usually organized by best men 11 letters STAGPARTIES
___ start-up 4 letters TECH
South Bend stadium shout 7 letters GOIRISH
Pier place perhaps 5 letters INLET
Sportswear company with iconic white sneakers 4 letters FILA
Hoop alternative 4 letters STUD
Game whose name is derived from the Swahili for to build 5 letters JENGA
Ethan’s Gattaca co-star 3 letters UMA
Got together IRL 3 letters MET
Tire-gauge meas. 3 letters PSI
Chops up 6 letters MINCES
City with a Little Havana neighborhood 5 letters MIAMI
Terrible ___ (parenting nightmare) 4 letters TWOS
Pick which team you want to be on! 11 letters CHOOSESIDES
They’re always charged 4 letters IONS
Place to preach to the choir 4 letters APSE
Chapati relative 4 letters NAAN
Birds of the genus Thalasseus 5 letters TERNS
Front man for the heavy-metal band Body Count 4 letters ICET
Actor 4 letters DOER
Mountain goat with ridged horns 4 letters IBEX
Open 4 letters AJAR
Farmers’ market bag 4 letters TOTE
Start the waterworks 6 letters TEARUP
Keeper of the keys 5 letters VALET
Kajillion 7 letters UMPTEEN
Roger’s rival on the court 4 letters RAFA
Signify 6 letters DENOTE
Didn’t flow? 5 letters EBBED
T’Challa’s sister in the MCU 5 letters SHURI
Go along to get along 5 letters AGREE
Some dispense 10s 4 letters ATMS
Journey of 1000 miles e.g. 4 letters TREK
Former UN leader Annan 4 letters KOFI
Cardinal letters 3 letters STL
Blown-away reaction 3 letters AWE
Drops in a field somewhere? 3 letters DEW

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