The Atlantic Crossword December 1 2021 Answers

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The Atlantic Crossword December 1 2021 Answers:

Go downhill like Bonnie St. John 3 letters SKI
Insect briefly ridden by a character in Honey I Shrunk the Kids 3 letters ANT
Let’s be reasonable here 7 letters COMENOW
Like a nail-biter 7 letters INTENSE
Question asked after bursting into a conference room perhaps 7 letters AMILATE
Stuff in cigarettes but not e-cigarettes 3 letters TAR
One hanging out in a cave? 3 letters BAT
Cheesed-off emotion 3 letters IRE
Go you to Juliet ___ you go to bed (Shakespeare) 3 letters ERE
El ___ (Spanish hero) 3 letters CID
Substance usually sold on blotter paper 3 letters LSD
Longest nerve in the human body 7 letters SCIATIC
Tidying method involving the question Does this spark joy? 7 letters KONMARI
Words from the beat 7 letters IMTIRED
First name in a Poe poem 7 letters ANNABEL
Lowest possible rating 7 letters NOSTARS
Shared a short story with limited characters say? 7 letters TWEETED
Shrieking swimmer in The Princess Bride 3 letters EEL

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