The Atlantic Crossword August 1 2021 Answers

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The Atlantic Crossword August 1 2021 Answers:

Ghosts perhaps 5 letters JILTS
Hit up online 4 letters PING
Besmirch 3 letters TAR
Boy in a Menotti opera inspired by The Adoration of the Magi 5 letters AMAHL
First book of the Nuevo Testamento 5 letters MATEO
Part of a presidential address: abbr. 3 letters AVE
Pads for amphibious landings (Monet)? 11 letters WATERLILIES
Forte creator 3 letters KIA
Our distant relatives 4 letters APES
XXX 4 letters EXES
Three-time Pro Bowler ___ Beckham Jr. 5 letters ODELL
Touching aerial encounter (Michelangelo)? 14 letters CREATIONOFADAM
Disagreement in Chad 3 letters NON
2009 Coppola film 5 letters TETRO
Jack whose tastes ran lean 5 letters SPRAT
Tempe sch. 3 letters ASU
Tae ___ do 4 letters KWON
Explosion from a shell (Botticelli)? 15 letters THEBIRTHOFVENUS
Nitwit 4 letters DODO
CIA predecessor 3 letters OSS
Boomerang site casually 5 letters INSTA
Island country north of Libya 5 letters MALTA
Consumed 3 letters ATE
Pitchfork-wielding home guard (Wood)? 14 letters AMERICANGOTHIC
High-rise unit 5 letters CONDO
Equipment 4 letters GEAR
Sounds of wonder 4 letters OOHS
Thurman of Prime 3 letters UMA
Book with early versions written on bamboo slips … or a hint to four entries in this puzzle 11 letters THEARTOFWAR
Showtime-owned network 3 letters TMC
Adds color 5 letters TINTS
From King to Obama author Earl ___ Hutchinson 5 letters OFARI
Scan … or a body part that can be scanned 3 letters EYE
Regarding 4 letters ASTO
Some bottoms 5 letters PANTS
Droid seller in Star Wars 4 letters JAWA
Statement of identification in an old Mac ad campaign 5 letters IMAPC
See ya 5 letters LATER
The group I’m pointing at 5 letters THESE
Camera with a mirror in brief 3 letters SLR
Tough diet for vegetarians 5 letters PALEO
You’re wrong about that 8 letters ITISNTSO
… who once had the last name … 3 letters NEE
Lose toughness 6 letters GOSOFT
Epic insults 9 letters TAKEDOWNS
Saint Teresa’s birthplace 5 letters AVILA
Domain 5 letters REALM
Froyo add-on 5 letters MIXIN
Joker actor after Ledger but before Phoenix 4 letters LETO
Cast a shadow over 6 letters DARKEN
Not pro 4 letters ANTI
Omelette ingredient 4 letters OEUF
Like 8.5-by-11 paper: abbr. 3 letters STD
Vietnamese soup 3 letters PHO
Uncle Sam’s foe in the ’50s informally 9 letters REDMENACE
Having embarked 6 letters ABOARD
Sounds of relief 3 letters AHS
Tagged while stealing perhaps 3 letters OUT
Citizenfour org. 3 letters NSA
College marching band for short? 4 letters ROTC
Search party? 8 letters TSAAGENT
Pulitzer Prize winner ___ Thanh Nguyen 4 letters VIET
Ray of Goodfellas 6 letters LIOTTA
Food thickeners 5 letters AGARS
Basis for fashioning a suit? 4 letters TORT
Sharp 5 letters ACUTE
___ blogger (person who posts about parenting) 5 letters MOMMY
Dandy! 5 letters NEATO
Pacino’s The Irishman role 5 letters HOFFA
John Wayne or Adam DeVine 5 letters IOWAN
Patient’s medical record 5 letters CHART
Indian honorifics 4 letters SRIS
Part of HRH 3 letters HIS
Alley-___ 3 letters OOP

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