The Atlantic Crossword April 8 2021 Answers

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The Atlantic Crossword April 8 2021 Answers:

Slitherers near the Nile 4 letters ASPS
Canton south of Lake Lucerne 3 letters URI
Reign 4 letters RULE
Betting site 3 letters PIT
Spontaneous pic 8 letters SNAPSHOT
Incidentally … 7 letters BYTHEBY
Rad 7 letters TUBULAR
Like the earliest life-forms 8 letters PRIMEVAL
Blown up as a neg. 3 letters ENL
Cover some ground? 4 letters PAVE
Connection-option letters 3 letters DSL
Unrewarding sustained task 4 letters SLOG
____ Poetica (Horace poem about how to write a poem) 3 letters ARS
They might prompt comparisons to lobsters 8 letters SUNBURNS
Broadway keepsake 8 letters PLAYBILL
Biological division 6 letters SEPTUM
Dramatic disruption 8 letters UPHEAVAL
1959 classic starring John Wayne as John T. Chance 8 letters RIOBRAVO
Teensy 4 letters ITTY
Tediously totes 6 letters SHLEPS
Covered in Cottonelle for short 4 letters TPED
Journey segment 3 letters LEG

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