The Atlantic Crossword April 16 2021 Answers

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The Atlantic Crossword April 16 2021 Answers:

He scored the second-most points in a game in NBA history 4 letters KOBE
Capital on the Baltic 4 letters RIGA
They may be caught by fans 9 letters FOULBALLS
Nomadland director 9 letters CHLOEZHAO
Closeted art director in Mad Men 3 letters SAL
Find out for yourself! 5 letters GOASK
Actress-model Hari of Transparent and Assassination Nation 3 letters NEF
BP checkers perhaps 3 letters RNS
Attachment that might include a phone number 5 letters IDTAG
Need to pay say 3 letters OWE
Popeye famously 9 letters SAILORMAN
Refuge 9 letters SANCTUARY
Extremely 4 letters OHSO
It’s Spanish for tar 4 letters BREA
Establishments selling buckets 4 letters KFCS
React to a trapeze artist perhaps 9 letters OOHANDAAH
Short reports 9 letters BULLETINS
Hold On Tight band 3 letters ELO
It might get rid of a shadow 5 letters RAZOR
First Somali American congressperson 9 letters ILHANOMAR
Fragile cabinet contents 9 letters GLASSWARE
Dilbert intern who graduated from the Indian Institutes of Technology 4 letters ASOK
Get on both knees say 3 letters BEG
She played the TV mother of Sigler and Iler 5 letters FALCO
Yuh-huh! 4 letters ISSO
Came by 3 letters GOT
Singer who was once a member of her family’s band Clannad 4 letters ENYA
Application before grilling perhaps 3 letters RUB

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