Star Tribune Crossword September 24 2021 Answers

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Star Tribune Crossword September 24 2021 Answers:

In addition 4 letters MORE
Wild attempt 4 letters STAB
Fable writer 5 letters AESOP
Fighter pilots 4 letters ACES
Cleveland’s locale 4 letters OHIO
Vanity 5 letters PRIDE
Harvest 4 letters REAP
Newt e.g. 10 letters SALAMANDER
Guy’s partner 3 letters GAL
Specks 4 letters DOTS
Coldest 6 letters ICIEST
Opponent 5 letters ENEMY
Hurt 4 letters ACHE
Plant’s beginning 4 letters SEED
Lumber source 4 letters TREE
Ink holder 3 letters PEN
Constant companions (2 wds.) 9 letters ALTEREGOS
Office reminder 4 letters MEMO
Watercraft 4 letters BOAT
Narrow boat 5 letters CANOE
Purple flower 4 letters IRIS
Building sites 4 letters LOTS
Pacifist Christian branch 9 letters MENNONITE
Compass direction (abbr.) 3 letters ENE
Above 4 letters OVER
Cut 4 letters SNIP
Move slightly 4 letters STIR
Theater attendant 5 letters USHER
Makes into law 6 letters ENACTS
That’s opposite 4 letters THIS
Genesis woman 3 letters EVE
Fun and games 10 letters RECREATION
Strong metal 4 letters IRON
Proprietor 5 letters OWNER
Genesis garden 4 letters EDEN
Lawn tool 4 letters RAKE
Hearty soups 5 letters STEWS
Monster’s loch 4 letters NESS
Whole bunch 4 letters SLEW
Bart Simpson’s mom 5 letters MARGE
Atlantic or Pacific 5 letters OCEAN
____ agent (2 wds.) 10 letters REALESTATE
Clairvoyant’s letters 3 letters ESP
Middling (hyph.) 4 letters SOSO
All ____ Jazz 4 letters THAT
Feels sick 4 letters AILS
Feather scarf 3 letters BOA
Geronimo e.g. 6 letters APACHE
Bert’s friend 5 letters ERNIE
Flank 4 letters SIDE
Poems of praise 4 letters ODES
Sassy 4 letters PERT
Small rodents 4 letters MICE
Tinter 4 letters DYER
Comes together 5 letters MEETS
Fiery felony 5 letters ARSON
Kwanzaa’s mo. 3 letters DEC
Copier’s need 5 letters TONER
____ vision 10 letters PERIPHERAL
Emanate 4 letters EMIT
Sniffer 4 letters NOSE
Skilled 4 letters ABLE
Waterfowl 4 letters LOON
Player 5 letters GAMER
Short skirts 5 letters MINIS
Naval officer (abbr.) 3 letters ENS
Responsibility 4 letters ONUS
Aquatic mammals 6 letters OTTERS
Passport endorsement 4 letters VISA
Metal fastener 5 letters SCREW
Bring to mind 5 letters EVOKE
Modernize 5 letters RENEW
Greek mythology figure 4 letters EROS
Salamander 4 letters NEWT
Common skin problem 4 letters ACNE
Ocean current 4 letters TIDE
Garden tools 4 letters HOES
Taverns 4 letters INNS
Twice five 3 letters TEN
Tax inits. 3 letters IRS

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