Star Tribune Crossword September 14 2021 Answers

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Star Tribune Crossword September 14 2021 Answers:

Rim 4 letters EDGE
Thing 4 letters ITEM
Comprehend 5 letters GRASP
Pause 4 letters LULL
Mets’ home 4 letters SHEA
Musical show 5 letters REVUE
Ship’s bottom 4 letters KEEL
Queue 4 letters LINE
Squirrel’s treat 5 letters ACORN
Dozing one 7 letters SLEEPER
Unwrapped 6 letters OPENED
Gave out as a task 8 letters ASSIGNED
Off kilter 5 letters AMISS
Horse’s gait 4 letters TROT
Mimic 4 letters ECHO
Brahms piece 6 letters SONATA
Small cut 4 letters SNIP
Tennis shot 3 letters LOB
Come before 7 letters PRECEDE
Radiate 7 letters EMANATE
Psychic ability (abbr.) 3 letters ESP
Tibetan priest 4 letters LAMA
Rubs out 6 letters ERASES
Clears as profit 4 letters NETS
Mound 4 letters PILE
Eve’s fruit 5 letters APPLE
Torn 8 letters TATTERED
Commences 6 letters STARTS
Supervise 7 letters OVERSEE
Wave type 5 letters TIDAL
Guy 4 letters DUDE
Stringed toy (hyph.) 4 letters YOYO
Calcutta’s country 5 letters INDIA
Customer 4 letters USER
Eve’s home 4 letters EDEN
Takes a break 5 letters RESTS
Torso 4 letters BODY
Back talk 4 letters SASS
Antlered animals 4 letters ELKS
Sword fight 4 letters DUEL
Delight 4 letters GLEE
She in Bordeaux 4 letters ELLE
The British ____ 5 letters ISLES
Desire for water 6 letters THIRST
Yet poetically 3 letters EEN
Hollywood’s ____ West 3 letters MAE
Future raisin 5 letters GRAPE
Move back 6 letters RECEDE
Stratford-upon-____ 4 letters AVON
Free of doubt 4 letters SURE
Await judgment 4 letters PEND
Pale color 6 letters PASTEL
Prompt (2 wds.) 6 letters ONTIME
Tax agency (abbr.) 3 letters IRS
Vanished 4 letters GONE
Ski resort 5 letters ASPEN
____ code 5 letters MORSE
Bumbling 5 letters INEPT
Pouch 3 letters SAC
Necklace part 5 letters CLASP
Inn 5 letters HOTEL
Chubby 5 letters OBESE
Conforms 6 letters ADAPTS
Formal procession 6 letters PARADE
Discharge 4 letters EMIT
Short sleep 3 letters NAP
Pub order 3 letters ALE
Narrow waterway 6 letters STRAIT
Worn away 6 letters ERODED
Road guide 5 letters ATLAS
All 5 letters EVERY
Mix 4 letters STIR
Fork point 4 letters TINE
Tallies 4 letters ADDS
Whiskeys 4 letters RYES
Fizzy beverage 4 letters SODA
Spud buds 4 letters EYES
Many years 4 letters EONS
Name 3 letters DUB
GI’s hangout 3 letters USO

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