Star Tribune Crossword October 31 2020 Answers

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Star Tribune Crossword October 31 2020 Answers:

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Evils 4 letters ILLS
Strike-breaker 4 letters SCAB
Engine 5 letters MOTOR
Food plan 4 letters DIET
Tahoe e.g. 4 letters LAKE
Love to pieces 5 letters ADORE
Slight advantage 4 letters EDGE
Japan’s continent 4 letters ASIA
Famous 5 letters NOTED
Helper 9 letters ASSISTANT
Garb 5 letters DRESS
Originally named 3 letters NEE
Wrath 3 letters IRE
Brag 5 letters BOAST
Get even 9 letters RETALIATE
Calendar abbr. 3 letters AUG
Prod 4 letters SPUR
Plaid 6 letters TARTAN
Wild attempt 4 letters STAB
Start of a Dickens title (2 wds.) 5 letters ATALE
Ticked off 4 letters SORE
Dolts 6 letters IDIOTS
Fresh talk 4 letters SASS
Dad’s partner 3 letters MOM
Overfull 9 letters CONGESTED
Irritable 5 letters TESTY
The Matrix hero 3 letters NEO
Sunbathe 3 letters TAN
Biblical food 5 letters MANNA
Put money in a bank 9 letters DEPOSITED
Labor group 5 letters UNION
Shakespeare’s river 4 letters AVON
Party 4 letters GALA
Small bay 5 letters INLET
Mahjong piece 4 letters TILE
Not spicy 4 letters MILD
Film spools 5 letters REELS
Building extensions 4 letters ELLS
Pub potables 4 letters ALES
Thought 4 letters IDEA
Pot covers 4 letters LIDS
Table supports 4 letters LEGS
Beer mugs 6 letters STEINS
List of candidates 5 letters SLATE
House (Sp.) 4 letters CASA
Similar 4 letters AKIN
Get lost! (2 wds.) 6 letters BEATIT
Nelson ____ of South Africa 7 letters MANDELA
Perfume 4 letters ODOR
Carry around 4 letters TOTE
Mineral deposits 4 letters ORES
Cincinnati baseballers 4 letters REDS
Collections 4 letters SETS
Appraises 5 letters RATES
Fundamental 5 letters BASIC
Surpass 5 letters OUTDO
Once more 5 letters AGAIN
Boring routine 3 letters RUT
Make disappear 5 letters ERASE
Tax agency (abbr.) 3 letters IRS
Tiny particles 5 letters ATOMS
Fortuneteller’s card 5 letters TAROT
Adversary 5 letters ENEMY
Outdated 5 letters PASSE
Swamp 3 letters BOG
Boy 3 letters LAD
Renters 7 letters TENANTS
Amtrak stops (abbr.) 4 letters STAS
Until now (2 wds.) 6 letters TODATE
Mystery 6 letters ENIGMA
Hues 5 letters TONES
Naturalist John ____ 4 letters MUIR
Actress ____ Bancroft 4 letters ANNE
Pharaoh’s river 4 letters NILE
Yuletide 4 letters NOEL
Like a villain 4 letters EVIL
Survey 4 letters POLL
Kite feature 4 letters TAIL
She in Bordeaux 4 letters ELLE
Fathers 4 letters DADS

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