Star Tribune Crossword October 23 2021 Answers

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Star Tribune Crossword October 23 2021 Answers:

Ledger entry 5 letters DEBIT
Box 4 letters CASE
Stringed instrument 4 letters HARP
Entertain 5 letters AMUSE
Related 4 letters AKIN
Butter substitute 4 letters OLEO
Name 5 letters TITLE
Bridge position 4 letters EAST
Ramble 4 letters ROVE
Goes to 7 letters ATTENDS
Least courteous 6 letters RUDEST
Aircraft with pontoons 8 letters SEAPLANE
Boast 4 letters BRAG
Trip to the store e.g. 6 letters ERRAND
Watering place 3 letters SPA
Delayed 4 letters LATE
Accompanied 8 letters ESCORTED
English river 4 letters AVON
Hidden supply 5 letters CACHE
Soften 4 letters EASE
Representative 8 letters DELEGATE
Upon 4 letters ATOP
Building section 3 letters ELL
Wears away gradually 6 letters ERODES
Annoying thing 4 letters PEST
Carbon and gold e.g. 8 letters ELEMENTS
Bother 6 letters HARASS
Skin drawings 7 letters TATTOOS
____-friendly 4 letters USER
Ship’s pole 4 letters SPAR
Kitchen stove 5 letters RANGE
Fine spray 4 letters MIST
Famed canal 4 letters ERIE
On one’s toes 5 letters ALERT
Trail 4 letters PATH
Hemispherical roof 4 letters DOME
Positive replies 5 letters YESES
Computer fodder 4 letters DATA
Give off 4 letters EMIT
Cigar stub 4 letters BUTT
Capri or Wight 4 letters ISLE
Adolescents 5 letters TEENS
____ Salad 6 letters CAESAR
Alias inits. 3 letters AKA
Family mem. 3 letters SIS
Doorway 8 letters ENTRANCE
Multitude 5 letters HORDE
Sunburn remedy 4 letters ALOE
Races the engine 4 letters REVS
Poe or Browning 4 letters POET
Actress Ruby ____ 3 letters DEE
Take apart 4 letters UNDO
Come before 7 letters PRECEDE
Mascara target 4 letters LASH
Razor ____ 5 letters BLADE
Fray 5 letters RAVEL
Coral island 5 letters ATOLL
Kelly or Autry 4 letters GENE
____ Fair 5 letters STATE
Coins from Mexico 5 letters PESOS
Proficient 5 letters ADEPT
Cut grain 4 letters REAP
Stroked lovingly 8 letters CARESSED
Potent particle 4 letters ATOM
Hardens 4 letters GELS
Main course 6 letters ENTREE
Train terminal (abbr.) 3 letters STA
Our planet 5 letters EARTH
Wander off 5 letters STRAY
Camel’s feature 4 letters HUMP
Tibet’s continent 4 letters ASIA
Repose 4 letters REST
Saga 4 letters TALE
Small bills 4 letters ONES
Folklore monster 4 letters OGRE
Groups 4 letters SETS
____ and con 3 letters PRO
Goal 3 letters AIM

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