Star Tribune Crossword October 21 2021 Answers

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Star Tribune Crossword October 21 2021 Answers:

Stadium cheers 4 letters RAHS
Gush 4 letters SPEW
Fathers 5 letters PAPAS
Conception 4 letters IDEA
Submarine sandwich 4 letters HERO
Peruvian animal 5 letters LLAMA
Stop it! 4 letters DONT
Locks 4 letters HAIR
Fourth month 5 letters APRIL
Bert’s friend 5 letters ERNIE
Antique 5 letters RELIC
Summer cooler 3 letters ADE
Spiritualist meeting 6 letters SEANCE
Nighttime vision 5 letters DREAM
Rabbit’s kin 4 letters HARE
Most skillful 6 letters ABLEST
Opinion piece 9 letters EDITORIAL
Classic song 5 letters OLDIE
Designate 4 letters NAME
Hay 5 letters STRAW
Staff member 4 letters AIDE
More arid 5 letters DRIER
Ways in 9 letters ENTRANCES
Small sofa 6 letters SETTEE
Trickle 4 letters SEEP
Leading 5 letters AHEAD
Tidier 6 letters NEATER
Took a chair 3 letters SAT
Hospital worker 5 letters NURSE
Operate a car 5 letters DRIVE
Actor/Director ____ Eastwood 5 letters CLINT
Nocturnal birds 4 letters OWLS
Future sign 4 letters OMEN
Expiate 5 letters ATONE
Space org. 4 letters NASA
Patch up 4 letters MEND
Photocopier liquid 5 letters TONER
Ogled 4 letters EYED
Skills 4 letters ARTS
Goes by bus 5 letters RIDES
Idolize 5 letters ADORE
Hair dye 5 letters HENNA
Glossy fabric 5 letters SATIN
Quiet! 3 letters SHH
Juicy fruit 4 letters PEAR
Buffalo’s waterfront 4 letters ERIE
Earth 5 letters WORLD
Fake medication 7 letters PLACEBO
Mont Blanc e.g. 3 letters ALP
Ambulance worker 9 letters PARAMEDIC
Among 4 letters AMID
Mall event 4 letters SALE
Resound 4 letters ECHO
Savings plan (abbr.) 3 letters IRA
Corn units 4 letters EARS
Poe’s middle name 5 letters ALLAN
Ceremony 4 letters RITE
Works for 5 letters EARNS
Aspect 4 letters SIDE
Summer shirts 4 letters TEES
Remnants 4 letters ENDS
Risk 4 letters DARE
Fake 9 letters IMITATION
Dentist’s concern 5 letters TEETH
Overdue 4 letters LATE
Songbird 4 letters WREN
Go back in 7 letters REENTER
Was a copycat 4 letters APED
Water to Jacques 3 letters EAU
Humming sound 5 letters DRONE
Fragrance 5 letters AROMA
Stopwatch 5 letters TIMER
Occurrence 5 letters EVENT
Tears apart 5 letters RENDS
Begone! 4 letters SCAT
Voice range 4 letters ALTO
Influence 4 letters SWAY
Other than 4 letters ELSE
Vane dir. 3 letters NNE
Mournful 3 letters SAD

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