Star Tribune Crossword October 18 2020 Answers

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Star Tribune Crossword October 18 2020 Answers:

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Take an oath 5 letters SWEAR
Droops 4 letters SAGS
Right now! 4 letters STAT
Manufacture cloth 5 letters WEAVE
Beige 4 letters ECRU
Brave one 4 letters HERO
Directional symbol 5 letters ARROW
Prayer ending 4 letters AMEN
Afresh 4 letters ANEW
Elvis’s home state 9 letters TENNESSEE
Unaccompanied 5 letters ALONE
Pair 3 letters DUO
New York’s ____ Park 7 letters CENTRAL
Competent 4 letters ABLE
Eat 6 letters INGEST
Mountaintop 4 letters PEAK
Road material 3 letters TAR
Expire 6 letters PERISH
Artist’s tripod 5 letters EASEL
Hawaiian necklace 3 letters LEI
From then on 5 letters SINCE
Moscow’s country 6 letters RUSSIA
Printers’ measures 3 letters ENS
Old wound 4 letters SCAR
Picturesque 6 letters SCENIC
Model ____ Moss 4 letters KATE
Judge 7 letters ARBITER
Typewriter key 3 letters TAB
Requirements 5 letters NEEDS
Movie genre 9 letters ANIMATION
Inform 4 letters TELL
India’s locale 4 letters ASIA
Beatle beatkeeper 5 letters RINGO
Capri or Wight 4 letters ISLE
Budget item 4 letters RENT
Artistic category 5 letters GENRE
Mediocre grades 4 letters CEES
Without charge 4 letters FREE
Double curves 5 letters ESSES
Smack 4 letters SWAT
The Way We ____ 4 letters WERE
Merit 4 letters EARN
Shakespeare’s river 4 letters AVON
Married again 5 letters REWED
Not year-round 8 letters SEASONAL
Peak 4 letters ACME
Athens’ country 6 letters GREECE
Our star 3 letters SUN
Bible verb 5 letters SHALT
Choir voice 5 letters TENOR
Ring 5 letters ARENA
Drying cloth 5 letters TOWEL
Court proceeding 4 letters SUIT
Poker stakes 5 letters ANTES
Psychic letters 3 letters ESP
One who mimics 4 letters APER
Sweetheart 4 letters BEAU
Highland miss 4 letters LASS
Squeaks by 4 letters EKES
Putting ____ 5 letters GREEN
Dare 4 letters RISK
Machu Picchu native 4 letters INCA
Begone! 4 letters SCAT
Not there 4 letters HERE
Shopping reminders 5 letters LISTS
Start 8 letters INITIATE
Top card 3 letters ACE
Sting 4 letters SCAM
Blackboard cleaner 6 letters ERASER
Caper 5 letters ANTIC
Actress ____ Witherspoon 5 letters REESE
Southern beauty 5 letters BELLE
Does nothing 5 letters IDLES
Flat-bottomed boat 5 letters BARGE
Three squared 4 letters NINE
Makes a knot 4 letters TIES
Roadhouses 4 letters INNS
Folklore monster 4 letters OGRE
Nays 4 letters NOES
Pound sound 3 letters ARF

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