Star Tribune Crossword October 17 2020 Answers

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Star Tribune Crossword October 17 2020 Answers:

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Cogwheel 4 letters GEAR
Postage mark 5 letters STAMP
Earring site 4 letters LOBE
Talented 4 letters ABLE
Forbidden 5 letters TABOO
Aristocrat 4 letters EARL
Hawaiian necklaces 4 letters LEIS
Avoid capture 5 letters ELUDE
Type of milk 4 letters SKIM
Curved doorway 4 letters ARCH
____ Sampras of tennis 4 letters PETE
Snaky letters 5 letters ESSES
Swipe 5 letters STEAL
Skid 5 letters SLIDE
Flat bread 4 letters PITA
Capital of New Jersey 7 letters TRENTON
Desire for food 8 letters APPETITE
Reduced in price (2 wds.) 6 letters ONSALE
Promissory note 3 letters IOU
Corroded 5 letters EATEN
Third letter 3 letters CEE
Enjoy a book again 6 letters REREAD
Debtor’s opposite 8 letters CREDITOR
Part of the rib cage 7 letters STERNUM
Fruit beverages 4 letters ADES
Settle a debt 5 letters REPAY
Grinding tooth 5 letters MOLAR
Relative by marriage (hyph.) 5 letters INLAW
Paper quantity 4 letters REAM
Bound 4 letters LOPE
Viewed 4 letters SEEN
Theater walkway 5 letters AISLE
Land measure 4 letters ACRE
Burden 4 letters LOAD
Scoff 5 letters SNEER
Peacock’s pride 4 letters TAIL
Conclusions 4 letters ENDS
Old-fashioned 5 letters PASSE
Building extensions 4 letters ELLS
Parties 5 letters GALAS
Critic Roger ____ 5 letters EBERT
Wonderland girl 5 letters ALICE
Form again 7 letters RESHAPE
Stride 4 letters STEP
Story 4 letters TALE
Borders on 5 letters ABUTS
Early car (2 wds.) 6 letters MODELT
Edgar Allan ____ 3 letters POE
Decreases 7 letters LESSENS
Acorn producers 4 letters OAKS
French cheese 4 letters BRIE
Shade providers 4 letters ELMS
Adam’s abode 4 letters EDEN
Ignited 3 letters LIT
Pressed 6 letters IRONED
Occupied (2 wds.) 6 letters TIEDUP
One ____ time (2 wds.) 3 letters ATA
Diplomacy 4 letters TACT
Bread topping 4 letters OLEO
At no time in verse 4 letters NEER
Broadcasts 4 letters AIRS
Rhyme creator 4 letters POET
Uncontaminated 4 letters PURE
And so on (abbr.) 3 letters ETC
Period in history 3 letters ERA
Trips to the bank e.g. 7 letters ERRANDS
Once more 4 letters ANEW
Clinton’s party (abbr.) 3 letters DEM
Quarantine 7 letters ISOLATE
Boat basin 6 letters MARINA
Positive responses 5 letters YESES
Regional 5 letters LOCAL
____ Fools’ Day 5 letters APRIL
Film spools 5 letters REELS
Capri or Man 4 letters ISLE
Broadway sign 4 letters NEON
Conduct 4 letters LEAD
Pub drinks 4 letters ALES
Nothing more than 4 letters MERE
Nile snake 3 letters ASP

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