Star Tribune Crossword November 24 2022 Answers

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Star Tribune Crossword November 24 2022 Answers:

Pimples 4 letters ACNE
The ____ of March 4 letters IDES
Fable collector 5 letters AESOP
Blacken 4 letters CHAR
IX 4 letters NINE
Innocent 5 letters NAIVE
Pitcher’s target (2 wds.) 9 letters HOMEPLATE
Motorist’s aid 5 letters ATLAS
Ram’s mate 3 letters EWE
Highway divisions 5 letters LANES
Viola’s kin 5 letters CELLO
More sensible 5 letters SANER
____ voyage! 3 letters BON
Trip to the bank e.g. 6 letters ERRAND
Make money 4 letters EARN
Gallery contents 3 letters ART
Watch face 4 letters DIAL
Ran in neutral 5 letters IDLED
Dixie general 3 letters LEE
As a substitute 7 letters INSTEAD
Certain connector 7 letters ADAPTER
Chef’s unit (abbr.) 3 letters TSP
Stairs 5 letters STEPS
Long fishes 4 letters EELS
You there! 3 letters HEY
Fly 4 letters SOAR
Thinly scattered 6 letters SPARSE
Vitality 3 letters PEP
Aquatic animal 5 letters OTTER
Decorate 5 letters ADORN
Mixes 5 letters STIRS
Sedan or coupe 3 letters CAR
Sudden fright 5 letters PANIC
Pass through 9 letters PENETRATE
Avoid capture 5 letters ELUDE
Nest contents 4 letters EGGS
On top of 4 letters UPON
Moves upward 5 letters RISES
Bad grades 4 letters DEES
Disney fish 4 letters NEMO
Yearn 4 letters ACHE
Grub 4 letters CHOW
Appoint 4 letters NAME
Keats’ before 3 letters ERE
Away from the coast 6 letters INLAND
Journalist ____ Sawyer 5 letters DIANE
Went inside 7 letters ENTERED
Looks at 4 letters SEES
South American snake 8 letters ANACONDA
Consumed 5 letters EATEN
Window ledge 4 letters SILL
Track shape 4 letters OVAL
Acapulco coin 4 letters PESO
Blueprint 4 letters PLAN
Snow melter 4 letters SALT
Raised dogs 4 letters BRED
Archie Bunker’s wife 5 letters EDITH
Wash cycle 5 letters RINSE
Hoarse 5 letters RASPY
Sorrowful word 4 letters ALAS
Modify 5 letters ALTER
Film spools 5 letters REELS
Brief 5 letters TERSE
Concept 4 letters IDEA
Basic natures 8 letters ESSENCES
On 4 letters ATOP
Fleshy fruit 4 letters PEAR
Mentor’s student 7 letters PROTEGE
Accent 6 letters STRESS
Irritant 4 letters PEST
Self-respect 5 letters PRIDE
Hint of a color 5 letters TINGE
Imitator 4 letters APER
Surrealism’s Salvador ____ 4 letters DALI
Burden 4 letters ONUS
Hastened 4 letters SPED
Batman’s wear 4 letters CAPE
Tiny particle 4 letters ATOM
Nevada town 4 letters RENO
Jog 3 letters RUN

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