Star Tribune Crossword November 22 2020 Answers

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Star Tribune Crossword November 22 2020 Answers:

Questions 4 letters ASKS
____ Moore of Ghost 4 letters DEMI
Revolutionary ____ Allen 5 letters ETHAN
Fender-bender result 4 letters DENT
Mideast country 4 letters IRAN
Loop of rope 5 letters NOOSE
Antlered animal 4 letters DEER
Cotton machines 4 letters GINS
Comic ____ O’Donnell 5 letters ROSIE
Most rapid 9 letters SPEEDIEST
Church table 5 letters ALTAR
Devour 3 letters EAT
Quiche ingredient 3 letters EGG
Unpleasant 5 letters NASTY
Wowed 9 letters IMPRESSED
Bride’s response (2 wds.) 3 letters IDO
Preserve 4 letters SAVE
Guarantee 6 letters ASSURE
Sisters 4 letters NUNS
Rent again 5 letters RELET
Electrical cord 4 letters WIRE
Go by 6 letters ELAPSE
Change for a five 4 letters ONES
Male turkey 3 letters TOM
Exerting great effort 9 letters STRAINING
Looks closely 5 letters PEERS
Father 3 letters DAD
Bolted 3 letters RAN
Savor 5 letters TASTE
Lack of knowledge 9 letters IGNORANCE
Garret 5 letters ATTIC
Toast spread 4 letters OLEO
Benefit 4 letters BOON
Australian bear 5 letters KOALA
Printed words 4 letters TEXT
Guide 4 letters LEAD
Live coal 5 letters EMBER
Movie backdrops 4 letters SETS
Building extensions 4 letters ELLS
Does sums 4 letters ADDS
Soak through 4 letters SEEP
Leg hinge 4 letters KNEE
Avenue 6 letters STREET
Finger e.g. 5 letters DIGIT
New York’s canal 4 letters ERIE
Supplies workers 4 letters MANS
Foot arch 6 letters INSTEP
Angers 7 letters ENRAGES
Handyman’s need 4 letters TOOL
Emcee 4 letters HOST
Tibet’s locale 4 letters ASIA
At no time poetically 4 letters NEER
____ of Our Lives 4 letters DAYS
Shred cheese 5 letters GRATE
Baseball teams 5 letters NINES
Mature 5 letters ADULT
Radar’s kin 5 letters SONAR
____ had it! 3 letters IVE
Honeydew e.g. 5 letters MELON
Vane dir. 3 letters SSW
Group of rooms 5 letters SUITE
Blooper 5 letters ERROR
Judges 5 letters DEEMS
Fight site 5 letters ARENA
Health club 3 letters SPA
Part of the UK 3 letters ENG
Motorcycle adjunct 7 letters SIDECAR
Mast 4 letters SPAR
Blockheads 6 letters IDIOTS
Empower 6 letters ENABLE
Sources 5 letters ROOTS
Capture 4 letters TAKE
Molecule component 4 letters ATOM
Guess 4 letters STAB
Flooring square 4 letters TILE
Happiness 4 letters GLEE
Ensuing 4 letters NEXT
Christmas song 4 letters NOEL
Brat’s stocking stuffer 4 letters COAL
Stops 4 letters ENDS

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