Star Tribune Crossword May 14 2023 Answers

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Star Tribune Crossword May 14 2023 Answers:

Lima’s land 4 letters PERU
Close noisily 4 letters SLAM
Desert springs 5 letters OASES
Stratford-on-____ 4 letters AVON
City transportation 4 letters TAXI
Purple flower 5 letters LILAC
____ phone 4 letters CELL
Served perfectly 4 letters ACED
Overact 5 letters EMOTE
Family chart 4 letters TREE
Ancient object 5 letters RELIC
Writer’s tool 3 letters PEN
Picnic pests 4 letters ANTS
Affirm 6 letters ASSERT
Talks back 6 letters SASSES
Brownish gray 5 letters TAUPE
____ Beach (D-Day site) 5 letters OMAHA
Having many skills 9 letters VERSATILE
Clamor 3 letters DIN
Mount ____ (Seattle view) 7 letters RAINIER
Drift off 3 letters NOD
Spoke to 9 letters ADDRESSED
Burn slightly 5 letters SINGE
Desirable quality 5 letters ASSET
School assignment 6 letters LESSON
Cavern 6 letters GROTTO
Poet ____ Sandburg 4 letters CARL
Agt. 3 letters REP
Dairy product 5 letters CREAM
Office acronym 4 letters ASAP
Assists a crook 5 letters ABETS
Complexion woe 4 letters ACNE
Appoint 4 letters NAME
Coastal birds 5 letters TERNS
Wrinkle remover 4 letters IRON
Depicted 4 letters DREW
Make joyous 5 letters ELATE
Song for two 4 letters DUET
Transgressions 4 letters SINS
Treaty 4 letters PACT
At all times 4 letters EVER
Part 4 letters ROLE
Let loose 7 letters UNLEASH
Commences 6 letters STARTS
Shoestrings 5 letters LACES
Skating jump 4 letters AXEL
Average skirt 4 letters MIDI
Bullfight cry 3 letters OLE
Ambition 3 letters AIM
Skiing hill 5 letters SLOPE
Diner 5 letters EATER
Odor 5 letters SCENT
Bring about 5 letters CAUSE
Least distant 7 letters NEAREST
More thinly distributed 7 letters SPARSER
Established 3 letters SET
Fizzy beverage 4 letters SODA
Surrounded by 4 letters AMID
Desert material 4 letters SAND
Principle 5 letters TENET
Dry 4 letters ARID
Clamp 4 letters VISE
Small hotels 4 letters INNS
Advertising symbol 4 letters LOGO
Eve’s garden 4 letters EDEN
Business gp. 5 letters ASSOC
Snitch 3 letters RAT
Oahu and Maui 7 letters ISLANDS
Bemoan 6 letters LAMENT
Rasp 5 letters GRATE
Rise up 5 letters REBEL
Puccini work 5 letters OPERA
Narrow boat 5 letters CANOE
Foray 4 letters RAID
Light brown 4 letters ECRU
Agra attire 4 letters SARI
Prayer close 4 letters AMEN
Church seats 4 letters PEWS
Explosive inits. 3 letters TNT
Compass dir. 3 letters SSE

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