Star Tribune Crossword June 23 2022 Answers

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Star Tribune Crossword June 23 2022 Answers:

Reverberate 4 letters ECHO
Prophecy 4 letters OMEN
Mechanical man 5 letters ROBOT
Hawaiian cookout 4 letters LUAU
Mexican money 4 letters PESO
Make joyful 5 letters ELATE
Most firmly built 9 letters STURDIEST
Letter after gamma 5 letters DELTA
Moray 3 letters EEL
Poker term 4 letters ANTE
Rope loops 6 letters NOOSES
Car exhaust 8 letters EMISSION
How ____ you? 3 letters ARE
Sound system 6 letters STEREO
Inferior grades 4 letters DEES
Dubuque’s state 4 letters IOWA
Metal fasteners 5 letters NAILS
Coffee vessels 4 letters URNS
Eons 4 letters AGES
Intense anger 3 letters IRE
Uncluttered 4 letters NEAT
Stallion’s mate 4 letters MARE
Barter 5 letters TRADE
____ Moore of Ghost 4 letters DEMI
Challenge 4 letters DARE
President e.g. 6 letters LEADER
Cleopatra’s snake 3 letters ASP
Calming drug 8 letters SEDATIVE
Consolation 6 letters SOLACE
Asian staple 4 letters RICE
Pronoun 3 letters SHE
Type of drum 5 letters SNARE
Proposed as a candidate 9 letters NOMINATED
Corroded 5 letters EATEN
Leave out 4 letters OMIT
Richard ____ of Pretty Woman 4 letters GERE
Act toward 5 letters TREAT
Fathers 4 letters DADS
Candid 4 letters OPEN
More 4 letters ELSE
Attractive 4 letters CUTE
Carry 4 letters HAUL
Belonging to us 3 letters OUR
View 7 letters OPINION
Track events 5 letters MEETS
Road bends 5 letters ESSES
Negative word 3 letters NOT
Made over 6 letters REDONE
Toast topping 4 letters OLEO
Hobby wood 5 letters BALSA
Water mammal 5 letters OTTER
Poke fun at 5 letters TEASE
Lady’s title 4 letters DAME
Negatives 4 letters NOES
Deleted 6 letters ERASED
Loafed 5 letters IDLED
Thailand formerly 4 letters SIAM
Roman garb 4 letters TOGA
Washstand item 4 letters EWER
Ice-cream dish 6 letters SUNDAE
Ventilated 5 letters AIRED
Retirement acct. 3 letters IRA
Hollow stalk 4 letters REED
Appoint 4 letters NAME
Recipe verb 4 letters STIR
Lumber source 4 letters TREE
Evokes 7 letters ELICITS
Mountaineer’s climb 6 letters ASCENT
Steady 4 letters EVEN
Resource 5 letters ASSET
Radar’s kin 5 letters SONAR
Platter 5 letters PLATE
Scent 5 letters AROMA
Fearful 5 letters TIMID
Site 4 letters AREA
Ladder rung 4 letters STEP
At this location 4 letters HERE
Adam’s home 4 letters EDEN
Head movement 3 letters NOD
In the past 3 letters AGO

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