Star Tribune Crossword June 22 2022 Answers

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Star Tribune Crossword June 22 2022 Answers:

Immerses briefly 4 letters DIPS
Not fresh 5 letters STALE
Assist 4 letters HELP
Platoon 4 letters UNIT
Actress ____ Hayes 5 letters HELEN
Figure skater’s jump 4 letters AXEL
Happening by chance 10 letters ACCIDENTAL
Existence 4 letters LIFE
Sci-fi weapon 5 letters LASER
Cottage cheese’s kin 7 letters RICOTTA
Anxious uncertainty 8 letters SUSPENSE
Pack animal 3 letters ASS
The Red Planet 4 letters MARS
Suit maker 6 letters TAILOR
Track circuits 4 letters LAPS
Travel document 4 letters VISA
____ of the crime 5 letters SCENE
Pseudonyms 7 letters ALIASES
Shirt arms 7 letters SLEEVES
Worth 5 letters MERIT
Chess term 4 letters MATE
Bench 4 letters SEAT
Egg dish 6 letters OMELET
Harness part 4 letters REIN
Raised railroads 3 letters ELS
About-face 8 letters REVERSAL
Very hot pepper 7 letters CAYENNE
Disney deer 5 letters BAMBI
Acknowledge 4 letters AVOW
Comprehended 10 letters UNDERSTOOD
Prod 4 letters POKE
Awaken 5 letters ROUSE
Doing nothing 4 letters IDLE
Change for a five 4 letters ONES
Implant 5 letters EMBED
Butterfly catchers 4 letters NETS
Double 4 letters DUAL
Machu Picchu dweller 4 letters INCA
Photos for short 4 letters PICS
Pigs’ homes 5 letters STIES
That lady 3 letters SHE
Knockout count 3 letters TEN
Key near Ctrl 3 letters ALT
Memorize 5 letters LEARN
Register 6 letters ENLIST
Angel’s headgear 4 letters HALO
Way out 4 letters EXIT
Exited 4 letters LEFT
Appeal 4 letters PLEA
Percussion instrument 4 letters DRUM
Desist 5 letters CEASE
Hoard 4 letters SAVE
Light bender 5 letters PRISM
Curvy turn 3 letters ESS
Texas shrine 5 letters ALAMO
Massachusetts city 5 letters SALEM
Church steeple 5 letters SPIRE
Frosts 4 letters ICES
River embankment 5 letters LEVEE
Basketball’s Shaquille ____ 5 letters ONEAL
Relaxes 5 letters RESTS
Travel by water 4 letters SAIL
Fall flower 5 letters ASTER
Ship’s rear 5 letters STERN
Maui garlands 4 letters LEIS
Exist 3 letters ARE
Professor’s protection 6 letters TENURE
Apprehends 4 letters NABS
Snake’s poison 5 letters VENOM
Old Roman language 5 letters LATIN
Guitar device 4 letters CAPO
Stratford-on-____ 4 letters AVON
Harness part 4 letters YOKE
Rams’ mates 4 letters EWES
Method 4 letters MODE
Lightning flash 4 letters BOLT
March date 4 letters IDES
Name 3 letters DUB
Compass dir. 3 letters ESE
Apple color 3 letters RED

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