Star Tribune Crossword June 20 2021 Answers

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Star Tribune Crossword June 20 2021 Answers:

Retirees’ accts. 4 letters IRAS
Fragrant wood 5 letters CEDAR
Con game 4 letters SCAM
Stop that! 4 letters DONT
Stand up 5 letters ARISE
Brass instrument 4 letters TUBA
Constantly 4 letters EVER
Deserve 5 letters MERIT
Sleeping 4 letters ABED
Flavorful seed 6 letters SESAME
Pickup truck feature 8 letters TAILGATE
A couple 3 letters TWO
SSW’s opp. 3 letters NNE
Stadium shout 3 letters RAH
Hawaiian island 4 letters OAHU
Egypt’s continent 6 letters AFRICA
Constitution addition 9 letters AMENDMENT
Narrates 5 letters TELLS
Short letter 4 letters NOTE
Choir singers 5 letters ALTOS
Narrow board 4 letters SLAT
Courtroom event 5 letters TRIAL
Tiny 9 letters MINIATURE
Zone 6 letters SECTOR
Telescope glass 4 letters LENS
Ruin 3 letters MAR
Small drink 3 letters SIP
Buddy (Fr.) 3 letters AMI
Reduced 8 letters LESSENED
Of the backbone 6 letters SPINAL
Bread spread 4 letters OLEO
Pilfered 5 letters STOLE
Skirt length 4 letters MAXI
Avails oneself of 4 letters USES
Consumed 5 letters EATEN
Article 4 letters ITEM
Audition tape 4 letters DEMO
Freezing rain 5 letters SLEET
Give in 4 letters CEDE
The ____ of March 4 letters IDES
Wander 4 letters ROVE
Numbing drug 10 letters ANESTHETIC
Drinking tube 5 letters STRAW
Showed up 4 letters CAME
Before to poets 3 letters ERE
Grime 4 letters DIRT
Japanese e.g. 5 letters ASIAN
Eye part 6 letters RETINA
Buck 4 letters STAG
Castro’s land 4 letters CUBA
Assist a crook 4 letters ABET
Constructed 4 letters MADE
Emotional state 4 letters MOOD
Exited 4 letters LEFT
Speaks wildly 5 letters RANTS
Love Italian-style 5 letters AMORE
Medical org. 3 letters AMA
Shipboard spot 4 letters HELM
Up to the time of 5 letters UNTIL
Take a break 4 letters REST
Light up 10 letters ILLUMINATE
Nurse ____ Barton 5 letters CLARA
Fall flower 5 letters ASTER
Uncluttered 4 letters NEAT
Musical sound 4 letters TONE
Vice 3 letters SIN
Suffer defeat 4 letters LOSE
PDQ’s kin 4 letters ASAP
Gets the soap off 6 letters RINSES
Flower feature 5 letters PETAL
Imitate 5 letters MIMIC
Ear-splitting 4 letters LOUD
If not 4 letters ELSE
Look 4 letters SEEM
Average (hyph.) 4 letters SOSO
Love foolishly 4 letters DOTE
Forwarded 4 letters SENT
Fired 4 letters AXED
Green fruit 4 letters LIME
Grant’s enemy 3 letters LEE

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