Star Tribune Crossword June 16 2021 Answers

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Star Tribune Crossword June 16 2021 Answers:

Window sill 5 letters LEDGE
Sunrise location 4 letters EAST
Pork or beef 4 letters MEAT
Smells 5 letters ODORS
Enjoy 4 letters LIKE
Pavarotti solo 4 letters ARIA
Common antibiotic 10 letters PENICILLIN
Brown shade 4 letters RUST
Trap 7 letters ENSNARE
Three-base hit 6 letters TRIPLE
Wall board 5 letters PANEL
Door sign 5 letters ENTER
Embankment 5 letters LEVEE
Nova ____ 6 letters SCOTIA
Changes for the better 6 letters AMENDS
Water bird 4 letters LOON
Sis’s sib 3 letters BRO
Knights 4 letters SIRS
Revises copy 5 letters EDITS
Strong metal 4 letters IRON
Pig’s abode 3 letters STY
Old West lawman 4 letters EARP
Outgoing 6 letters SOCIAL
Annoy 6 letters HARASS
In want 5 letters NEEDY
Bowler’s button 5 letters RESET
Edgy 5 letters TENSE
Reluctant 6 letters AVERSE
Pain in a hearing organ 7 letters EARACHE
Inlet 4 letters COVE
Ritual 10 letters CEREMONIAL
Scrapes by 4 letters EKES
60 minutes 4 letters HOUR
Up to the time of 5 letters UNTIL
Disclaim 4 letters DENY
Washington bills 4 letters ONES
Clairvoyants 5 letters SEERS
Canter 4 letters LOPE
Genesis garden 4 letters EDEN
Puts on 4 letters DONS
Smile 4 letters GRIN
Fled 7 letters ESCAPED
Burstyn and DeGeneres 6 letters ELLENS
Be ill 3 letters AIL
Snow runner 3 letters SKI
Camping need 4 letters TENT
Yacht spot 6 letters MARINA
Explode 5 letters ERUPT
Church walkway 5 letters AISLE
Starchy tuber (sl.) 5 letters TATER
Fin. fund 3 letters IRA
Harness strap 4 letters REIN
Solar ____ 7 letters ECLIPSE
Burglar’s booty 4 letters LOOT
Highland miss 4 letters LASS
Send forth 4 letters EMIT
Exceedingly 4 letters VERY
14th letters 3 letters ENS
Pitch 4 letters TOSS
Singe 4 letters SEAR
Soft cheese 4 letters BRIE
Highway 4 letters ROAD
Just 4 letters ONLY
Mild expletive 4 letters DRAT
Apply frosting 3 letters ICE
Devours 4 letters EATS
Burdensome 7 letters ONEROUS
Religious dissent 6 letters HERESY
Expresses scorn 6 letters SNEERS
Hurried 5 letters RACED
Bring to mind 5 letters EVOKE
____ deadly sins 5 letters SEVEN
Uncle ____ 3 letters SAM
Canyon sound 4 letters ECHO
English princess 4 letters ANNE
Refer to 4 letters CITE
Tresses 4 letters HAIR
House additions 4 letters ELLS
Billion years 3 letters EON
Wish undone 3 letters RUE

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