Star Tribune Crossword January 15 2022 Answers

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Star Tribune Crossword January 15 2022 Answers:

Shoe fasteners 5 letters LACES
Vocalist ____ Fitzgerald 4 letters ELLA
Small nail 4 letters BRAD
Proverb 5 letters ADAGE
Origin 4 letters ROOT
Icicle’s spot 4 letters EAVE
Homer Simpson’s wife 5 letters MARGE
Unrest 9 letters AGITATION
Revise 5 letters AMEND
Sub finder 5 letters SONAR
Family mem. 3 letters SIS
Christmas gifts 4 letters TOYS
Obstruct 6 letters IMPEDE
Deer 4 letters STAG
Arms depot 7 letters ARSENAL
Strong wood 3 letters OAK
Athletic group 4 letters TEAM
Benefactor 5 letters DONOR
Lamb’s sound 5 letters BLEAT
Chafe 3 letters RUB
Make up for 5 letters ATONE
Clean thoroughly 5 letters SCRUB
Once more 4 letters ANEW
Depot (abbr.) 3 letters STA
Twister 7 letters TORNADO
Halt 4 letters STOP
Scarface gangster 6 letters CAPONE
California wine valley 4 letters NAPA
Gone by 3 letters AGO
Finance 5 letters ENDOW
Author Oscar ____ 5 letters WILDE
Turning point 9 letters MILESTONE
Heavenly being 5 letters ANGEL
Caribous’ kin 4 letters ELKS
Prayer close 4 letters AMEN
Downpours 5 letters RAINS
Jump 4 letters LEAP
____ we forget 4 letters LEST
Please greatly 5 letters ELATE
Buddhist monk 4 letters LAMA
Eden man 4 letters ADAM
Custodian 9 letters CARETAKER
Christmas beverage 6 letters EGGNOG
Shabby 5 letters SEEDY
Historic periods 4 letters ERAS
Advertising symbol 4 letters LOGO
Cut of beef 4 letters LOIN
Achieve 6 letters ATTAIN
Wager 3 letters BET
Elevate 5 letters RAISE
Elude 5 letters AVOID
Thick 5 letters DENSE
Fleet of warships 6 letters ARMADA
Perched 3 letters SAT
Plan 4 letters PLOT
Weeps convulsively 4 letters SOBS
Powder mineral 4 letters TALC
Showed again 5 letters RERAN
Finnish bath 5 letters SAUNA
Implant 5 letters EMBED
Longing for something past 9 letters NOSTALGIA
On top of 4 letters ONTO
Harvest 4 letters REAP
Car 4 letters AUTO
Certain steaks (hyph.) 6 letters TBONES
Took the gold 3 letters WON
Leased car 6 letters RENTAL
Of the backbone 6 letters SPINAL
Desert beast 5 letters CAMEL
Nimble 5 letters AGILE
____ dot 5 letters POLKA
Knowing 5 letters AWARE
Round roof 4 letters DOME
Small bills 4 letters ONES
Took off 4 letters WENT
Small depression 4 letters DENT
Different 4 letters ELSE
Psychic ability (abbr.) 3 letters ESP

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