Star Tribune Crossword February 22 2021 Answers

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Star Tribune Crossword February 22 2021 Answers:

Invitation letters 4 letters RSVP
She in Seville 4 letters ELLA
Office notes 5 letters MEMOS
Copier 4 letters APER
Destroy 4 letters RUIN
Gladden 5 letters ELATE
Chess term 4 letters MATE
Orient 4 letters EAST
Rich dessert 5 letters TORTE
Initiate a criminal trial 9 letters PROSECUTE
Wharf 4 letters PIER
NY time zone 3 letters EST
Smudges 6 letters SMEARS
Penn and Connery 5 letters SEANS
Scheduled 6 letters SLATED
Trash 5 letters WASTE
Roaming tribesman 5 letters NOMAD
Car fuel 3 letters GAS
Blvd. 3 letters AVE
Capital of Kenya 7 letters NAIROBI
Halloween mo. 3 letters OCT
Pro vote 3 letters YEA
Apple drink 5 letters CIDER
Venomous snake 5 letters COBRA
Tranquil 6 letters SERENE
Colder 5 letters ICIER
School playtime 6 letters RECESS
One (Sp.) 3 letters UNO
Boat paddles 4 letters OARS
Asserted 9 letters CONTENDED
Operatic melodies 5 letters ARIAS
Touch on 4 letters ABUT
____ Scotia 4 letters NOVA
Plant stalks 5 letters STEMS
Manner 4 letters MODE
Finished 4 letters OVER
Flung 5 letters THREW
Nobleman 4 letters PEER
Landlord’s due 4 letters RENT
Highway exit 4 letters RAMP
Shadowbox 4 letters SPAR
Presidential power 4 letters VETO
Gift 7 letters PRESENT
Put up 5 letters ERECT
Hawaiian feast 4 letters LUAU
Schindler’s ____ 4 letters LIST
Initial wager 4 letters ANTE
Shea player 3 letters MET
Fled to wed 6 letters ELOPED
West Side Story character 5 letters MARIA
Furry swimmer 5 letters OTTER
Clairvoyants 5 letters SEERS
Basic natures 8 letters ESSENCES
Guess 4 letters STAB
Drug 8 letters MEDICINE
Influence 4 letters SWAY
Icicle’s spot 4 letters EAVE
Sailing 4 letters ASEA
Disparaging 5 letters SNIDE
Actress Sophia ____ 5 letters LOREN
Love in Rome 5 letters AMORE
Asian desert 4 letters GOBI
Land measure 4 letters ACRE
Heavenly light 4 letters STAR
Broadcasts 4 letters AIRS
Sandra Day ____ 7 letters OCONNOR
Flavorful seed 6 letters SESAME
Sunday dinner item 5 letters ROAST
Our planet 5 letters EARTH
Town’s announcer 5 letters CRIER
Absolute 5 letters UTTER
Tent site 4 letters CAMP
Double-reed instrument 4 letters OBOE
Naked 4 letters NUDE
Bird of peace 4 letters DOVE
Fair 4 letters EVEN
Move quickly 4 letters DART
Compass pt. 3 letters SSW

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