Penny Dell Sunday Crossword October 17 2021 Answers

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Penny Dell Sunday Crossword October 17 2021 Answers:

Simon Cowell creation (with The) 7 letters XFACTOR
City on San Francisco Bay 7 letters ALAMEDA
Replicated drives for data backup 15 letters MIRROREDVOLUMES
As intended 15 letters ACCORDINGTOPLAN
Lip 4 letters SASS
Middle ________ 4 letters AGES
Dominique’s dad 4 letters PERE
Period of service 5 letters STINT
More balanced 6 letters EVENER
Formosa now 6 letters TAIWAN
Encounter 4 letters MEET
Professional gp. 5 letters ASSOC
Outward circumstances 9 letters EXTERNALS
Tenth film in a popular sci-fi franchise 15 letters STARTREKNEMESIS
Jawbones 9 letters MANDIBLES
Dallas surname 5 letters EWING
Krieger and Wong 4 letters ALIS
Part of an Italian sonnet 6 letters SESTET
1964 physics Nobelist Charles 6 letters TOWNES
Tolkien’s Gimli for one 5 letters DWARF
Twenty: prefix 4 letters ICOS
Half a fish? 4 letters MAHI
Scrapple form 4 letters LOAF
Presented ahead of time 15 letters SHOWEDINADVANCE
Daisy-family plant considered a weed 15 letters CREEPINGTHISTLE
Red ________ diversionary tactic 7 letters HERRING
Distribute 7 letters DISHOUT
Dec. 25 4 letters XMAS
Paycheck abbr. 4 letters FICA
Pinball paths 4 letters ARCS
The Blue Jays on a scoreboard 3 letters TOR
Decree 6 letters ORDAIN
Hold sway 5 letters REIGN
Wall St. figs. 4 letters AVGS
Sotheby’s collection 3 letters LOT
Spanish greeting 3 letters ALO
Recurring sketch in a Jim Henson show 15 letters MUPPETNEWSFLASH
Football great Tunnell 5 letters EMLEN
Mary ________ doomed ship of fiction 5 letters DEARE
Former SAG president Ed 5 letters ASNER
Plankton collector 4 letters DNET
Touchable 7 letters TACTILE
Clown-shoe width 4 letters EEEE
Dutch painter Jan 7 letters VERMEER
Island off Aust. 4 letters TASM
Tinseltown terrier 4 letters ASTA
My life ________ open book 4 letters ISAN
Range pts. 4 letters MTNS
Catch in pots 4 letters EELS
Classic Jag 3 letters XKE
________ were 4 letters ASIT
Kind of dance or drive 4 letters LINE
USAF noncom 4 letters SSGT
Hank Aaron’s 2297 4 letters RBIS
Didn’t just wave 6 letters SAIDHI
Onetime CBS CEO Laurence 5 letters TISCH
Autumn colour 5 letters OCHRE
Romantic hopeful 5 letters WOOER
Shoot! 4 letters DANG
Ray Charles’ ________ I Say 5 letters WHATD
Flash Gordon villain 4 letters MING
Not taken in by 4 letters ONTO
Rights org. 4 letters ACLU
Yard units 4 letters FEET
Start to cure? 3 letters EPI
Clamor 3 letters DIN
Power to Pliny 3 letters VIS

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