Penny Dell Sunday Crossword May 9 2021 Answers

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Penny Dell Sunday Crossword May 9 2021 Answers:

Meadow mamas 4 letters COWS
Agitates 5 letters ROILS
Kitten’s cry 4 letters MEWL
1975 Wimbledon champ 4 letters ASHE
Fisher or Foy 5 letters EDDIE
Mixed bag 4 letters OLIO
Skidded 4 letters SLID
Party cracker 10 letters MELBATOAST
Completeness 8 letters TOTALITY
Bit in a clip 6 letters BULLET
French political divisions 5 letters ETATS
Living room piece 4 letters SOFA
Circuits 6 letters AMBITS
Predict 8 letters SOOTHSAY
Swiss city 5 letters BERNE
Jousts for Lancelot 5 letters TILTS
Director Spike 3 letters LEE
Give ________ up 4 letters ALEG
Copenhagen natives 5 letters DANES
Verdi opera 4 letters AIDA
Aegean or Caspian 3 letters SEA
Long-eared jumpers 5 letters HARES
Long grain and wild 5 letters RICES
Fence of bushes 8 letters HEDGEROW
Most stark 6 letters BAREST
Came down 4 letters ALIT
Puppeteer Bil 5 letters BAIRD
The Citadel author 6 letters CRONIN
The Captain and ________ 8 letters TENNILLE
Wiener wrap 10 letters HOTDOGROLL
Thwart 4 letters FOIL
Lotion additive 4 letters ALOE
Pagliacci clown 5 letters TONIO
Long and lean 4 letters LANK
Bucks and does 4 letters DEER
Ashley or Mary-Kate 5 letters OLSEN
Small salamanders 4 letters EFTS
A ________ of thousands 4 letters CAST
Scandinavian capital 4 letters OSLO
Sandwich basic 10 letters WHITEBREAD
Putting under 8 letters SEDATING
Sends payment 6 letters REMITS
Golden Boy dramatist 5 letters ODETS
In a lazy way 4 letters IDLY
Ad add-on 3 letters LIB
Sailor’s footwear 8 letters SEABOOTS
Do-re-mi 6 letters MOOLAH
Israeli carrier 4 letters ELAL
Knowledgeable 4 letters WISE
Former senator Trent 4 letters LOTT
Wispy clusters 5 letters TUFTS
Behind schedule 4 letters LATE
What cobblers fix 5 letters SOLES
Put to shame 5 letters ABASH
Free-for-all 5 letters MELEE
Tendon 5 letters SINEW
3-Down description 10 letters SLICEDLOAF
Mosquito genus 5 letters AEDES
Matzoh’s lack 5 letters YEAST
Seer’s card 5 letters TAROT
________ Dream Nora Roberts novel 8 letters DARINGTO
BB gun 8 letters AIRRIFLE
Sun: prefix 5 letters HELIO
Weather word 4 letters RAIN
Goose’s fella 6 letters GANDER
Synthetic fabric 6 letters BANLON
Contradict 5 letters BELIE
Neighbor of Niger 4 letters CHAD
Function 4 letters ROLE
Oklahoma tribe 4 letters OTOE
A whole lot 4 letters TONS
Pocket fuzz 4 letters LINT
Big game 4 letters ELKS
Fol-de-________ nonsense 3 letters ROL

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