Penny Dell Sunday Crossword May 14 2023 Answers

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Penny Dell Sunday Crossword May 14 2023 Answers:

He loves ewe truly 3 letters RAM
Red-coated cheese 4 letters EDAM
Sailors’ saint 4 letters ELMO
Old U.K. record label 3 letters EMI
Florentine river 4 letters ARNO
Tide type 4 letters NEAP
Start of a comment by Victor Hugo 13 letters GODCREATEDTHE
Roper’s need 6 letters LARIAT
Palmas lead-in 3 letters LAS
Pound sound 3 letters ARF
In the manner of 3 letters ALA
Bridal party? 6 letters SHOWER
Scottish hillside 4 letters BRAE
Iodine source 4 letters KELP
Still owing in poker 3 letters SHY
Big kids 5 letters GOATS
Martini’s partner 5 letters ROSSI
Burner 6 letters GASJET
Middle of the comment 13 letters FLIRTASSOONAS
Ate at 6 letters ERODED
Corsican patriot 5 letters PAOLI
Raze 5 letters LEVEL
Hoosegow 3 letters PEN
Book after Joel 4 letters AMOS
Is situated 4 letters LIES
Calling 6 letters CAREER
French soul 3 letters AME
Govt. prosecutors 3 letters AGS
Popular 3 letters HOT
Actor McGavin 6 letters DARREN
End of the comment 13 letters HEMADETHEFOOL
Follow 4 letters TAIL
Arm or leg e.g. 4 letters NOUN
Ballerina’s pivot 3 letters TOE
Sportscast tidbit 4 letters STAT
Very in Vichy 4 letters TRES
Raid target 3 letters ANT
Delight 6 letters REGALE
Lacking ethics 6 letters AMORAL
South of France 4 letters MIDI
It’s always underfoot 5 letters EARTH
Rap’s Dr. ___ 3 letters DRE
CNN’s Cabrera 3 letters ANA
Multicolored 6 letters MOTLEY
Remnants 4 letters ENDS
Tennis do-over 3 letters LET
Indian potentate 8 letters MAHARAJA
Manages 8 letters OPERATES
Job for a French attorney 3 letters CAS
Musical aptitude 3 letters EAR
Mighty ___ a Rose 3 letters LAK
Gab or song trailer 4 letters FEST
Greek peak 4 letters OSSA
Speak softly 7 letters WHISPER
Sarajevo’s land 6 letters BOSNIA
Serengeti sightings 6 letters PRIDES
British 41-Across 4 letters GAOL
City south of Moscow 4 letters OREL
Pt. of EST 3 letters STD
Melted mess 3 letters GOO
Transportation charges 8 letters FREIGHTS
Parlor piece 8 letters LOVESEAT
All there 4 letters SANE
She to Luis 4 letters ELLA
Inventor’s protection 6 letters PATENT
Strand 6 letters MAROON
Brunch dish 6 letters OMELET
Bit of a yen 3 letters SEN
New England cape 3 letters COD
Perfect spots 5 letters EDENS
WWII fliers 3 letters RAF
Put an end to 4 letters HALT
Composer Nino 4 letters ROTA
Ronan Farrow’s mom 3 letters MIA
Mountain crag 3 letters TOR
Shade 3 letters HUE

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