Penny Dell Sunday Crossword March 19 2023 Answers

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Penny Dell Sunday Crossword March 19 2023 Answers:

Assenting votes 4 letters AYES
Soft and luxurious 5 letters PLUSH
Departed 4 letters LEFT
Beer ingredient 4 letters MALT
Slow in music 5 letters LENTO
Exchange premium 4 letters AGIO
Out of the wind 4 letters ALEE
Mosquito genus 5 letters AEDES
Quarters at UCLA 4 letters DORM
Mother Goose character 12 letters HUMPTYDUMPTY
Stage 5 letters PHASE
Actress Fisher 4 letters ISLA
Wild West show 5 letters RODEO
Faulty argument 7 letters SOPHISM
What ___ dreaming? 3 letters AMI
Interim auto 6 letters LOANER
A fan of 4 letters INTO
Golly! old-style 15 letters JEEPERSCREEPERS
Voice in the choir 4 letters ALTO
Chimney build-up 6 letters CARBON
Integers: abbr. 3 letters NOS
Shoe attachment 7 letters HEELTAP
Pert 5 letters SASSY
Threesome 4 letters TRIO
So all can hear 5 letters ALOUD
Minuscule 12 letters TEENSYWEENSY
Italian wine region 4 letters ASTI
Black in Burgundy 5 letters NOIRE
Fabric juncture 4 letters SEAM
Jeanne ___ 4 letters DARC
Of bygone times 5 letters OLDEN
Baby powder 4 letters TALC
Allies’ WWII foe 4 letters AXIS
Loamy soil 5 letters LOESS
Singer James 4 letters ETTA
Nanjing nanny 4 letters AMAH
Manchurian river 4 letters YALU
Type of sch. 4 letters ELEM
Vast Asian plain 6 letters STEPPE
Beach in Spain 5 letters PLAYA
Yorkshire city 5 letters LEEDS
Inappropriate 5 letters UNDUE
Arise (from) 4 letters STEM
ICU locale 4 letters HOSP
Title for a lord’s wife 8 letters LADYSHIP
Inflatable item? 3 letters EGO
Cone-bearing tree 3 letters FIR
The Piper’s son 3 letters TOM
Oar holder 5 letters THOLE
Gratuity 3 letters TIP
Sheets and such 6 letters LINENS
Houston athletes 6 letters ASTROS
Delhi VIP 5 letters RAJAH
Breakfast order 6 letters OMELET
Calorie counter 6 letters DIETER
Belgrade resident 4 letters SERB
Lunchbox cookie 4 letters OREO
Covered with lichen 5 letters MOSSY
Shamu for one 4 letters ORCA
Urgent letters 4 letters ASAP
ATM maker 3 letters NCR
Campaigner’s field 8 letters POLITICS
Follow 5 letters ENSUE
Stocking stuffer? 3 letters TOE
___ Fideles 6 letters ADESTE
Stage whisper 5 letters ASIDE
Harps’ ancestors 5 letters LYRES
Olympics great Jesse 5 letters OWENS
Chemical compound 4 letters ENOL
___ contendere 4 letters NOLO
Orderly 4 letters NEAT
Icy-sidewalk stuff 4 letters SALT
Village People hit 4 letters YMCA
Toothpaste-rating org. 3 letters ADA
Coltrane’s instrument 3 letters SAX
Pod lead-in 3 letters TRI

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