Penny Dell Sunday Crossword February 28 2020 Answers

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Penny Dell Sunday Crossword February 28 2020 Answers:

Toupees facetiously 4 letters RUGS
Boxer Max or Buddy 4 letters BAER
Peak 4 letters ACME
Lotion ingredient 4 letters ALOE
Site of the Blue Grotto 5 letters CAPRI
Phooey! 4 letters DRAT
Pedestrian lawbreakers 10 letters JAYWALKERS
Forecast word 4 letters RAIN
Alicia of Falcon Crest 3 letters ANA
Swamp stalk 4 letters REED
Mark of disgrace 6 letters STIGMA
First second or third 4 letters GEAR
A Corn Belt state 4 letters IOWA
Las Palmas locale 13 letters CANARYISLANDS
Unconscious states 5 letters COMAS
Pub orders 4 letters ALES
Luau strings for short 3 letters UKE
Assert 4 letters AVOW
Flower clusters 5 letters CYMES
Londoner for short 4 letters BRIT
Holiday mo. 3 letters DEC
___ tube television 4 letters BOOB
Unpolished 5 letters CRUDE
Beloved Mork portrayer 13 letters ROBINWILLIAMS
Picnic pests 4 letters ANTS
Roof edge 4 letters EAVE
Hoodwink 6 letters DELUDE
Big name in jeans 4 letters LEVI
Japanese pond fish 3 letters KOI
Sleek horse 4 letters ARAB
Cornfield figures 10 letters SCARECROWS
Work very hard 4 letters TOIL
Piano man 5 letters TUNER
___ Ask of You 4 letters ALLI
Laborer of yore 4 letters ESNE
Surveyor’s nail 4 letters SPAD
Catholic service 4 letters MASS
Rani’s mate 4 letters RAJA
___ Bator Mongolia 4 letters ULAN
The Naked Maja artist 4 letters GOYA
Hem say 3 letters SEW
Challah source 6 letters BAKERY
Imitated 4 letters APED
Human thing to do? 3 letters ERR
Meat-filled fried croquettes 8 letters RISSOLES
Rocky’s love 6 letters ADRIAN
Part of a mountain 4 letters CRAG
Injure gravely 4 letters MAIM
Sicilian attraction 4 letters ETNA
Weather word 5 letters CLEAR
Specialties 5 letters AREAS
___ brillig … 4 letters TWAS
Chew (on) 4 letters GNAW
14-Across for one 4 letters ISLE
Disguise 5 letters COVER
1998 British Petroleum acquisition 5 letters AMOCO
Poetic feet 5 letters IAMBI
Wheat variety 5 letters DURUM
Slides to the side 5 letters SKIDS
No-goodnik 3 letters CAD
Somme summer 3 letters ETE
Competitions 8 letters CONTESTS
Cries of pain 4 letters YOWS
Scottish hillside 4 letters BRAE
Tie up 4 letters BIND
___ pride 5 letters CIVIC
Trinket 6 letters BAUBLE
Looked rudely 6 letters LEERED
Australian tennis legend Rod 5 letters LAVER
Palm fruit 4 letters DATE
God of love 4 letters EROS
Reclined 4 letters LAIN
Turner of Madame X 4 letters LANA
Caffeine-rich nut 4 letters KOLA
Hooters 4 letters OWLS
Wife of Osiris 4 letters ISIS
Ryder or Stanley award 3 letters CUP
Battering tool 3 letters RAM

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