Penny Dell Crossword September 28 2021 Answers

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Penny Dell Crossword September 28 2021 Answers:

Light wood 5 letters BALSA
Fashionable 4 letters POSH
Drain 3 letters SAP
Broker 5 letters AGENT
Foolish person 5 letters IDIOT
Bond 3 letters TIE
Rock bottom 5 letters NADIR
Up on a map 5 letters NORTH
Biblical ship 3 letters ARK
Proper 3 letters FIT
Run through 8 letters REHEARSE
Jungle journey 6 letters SAFARI
Geek 4 letters NERD
Get money for 4 letters SELL
Pen liquid 3 letters INK
Surrounded by 6 letters AMIDST
Not false 4 letters TRUE
Appeal 5 letters PLEAD
Film-crew member 4 letters TECH
Intention 3 letters AIM
Objective 3 letters END
La Brea goo 3 letters TAR
Tooth 4 letters FANG
Manner 5 letters STYLE
Not feral 4 letters TAME
Draw attention to 6 letters FLAUNT
Comfort 3 letters AID
Fully developed 4 letters RIPE
Broth 4 letters SOUP
Beach sight 6 letters BIKINI
Ordinary 8 letters DAYTODAY
Actor Conti 3 letters TOM
Prior to 3 letters ERE
Madrid mister 5 letters SENOR
Change a law 5 letters AMEND
Feel sick 3 letters AIL
Assume 5 letters ENDUE
Flood foiler 5 letters LEVEE
Brief snooze 3 letters NAP
Field cover 4 letters TARP
Sharp ridge 5 letters ARETE
Restrict 3 letters BAN
Eastern ruler 3 letters AGA
Was ahead 3 letters LED
Cold-sufferer’s sound 7 letters SNIFFLE
Heart chambers 5 letters ATRIA
Fasten 3 letters PIN
Scent 4 letters ODOR
Temptress 5 letters SIREN
Impetuous one 7 letters HOTHEAD
Betelgeuse e.g. 4 letters STAR
Broadcasts 4 letters AIRS
Lap pup for short 4 letters PEKE
Heating unit 5 letters THERM
Journey 4 letters TRIP
Door to ore 4 letters ADIT
Weekly TV show 6 letters SERIAL
Female grad 6 letters ALUMNA
Bayou 5 letters INLET
Walking stick 5 letters STAFF
Nairobi’s nation 5 letters KENYA
Apprehend 6 letters DETAIN
Shrimp dish 6 letters SCAMPI
Trio 5 letters THREE
Improvise 5 letters ADLIB
Blow 4 letters GUST
Scholar 7 letters STUDENT
Fix up copy 4 letters EDIT
More slender 7 letters TRIMMER
Lasso 5 letters NOOSE
Ling-Ling e.g. 5 letters PANDA
Tree marsupial 5 letters KOALA
Actor Martin 4 letters DEAN
La Scala solo 4 letters ARIA
Squeal 4 letters YELP
Thine 4 letters YOUR
Ribbed fabric 3 letters REP
Night before 3 letters EVE
Actual profit 3 letters NET
Fourth letter 3 letters DEE

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