Penny Dell Crossword September 24 2021 Answers

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Penny Dell Crossword September 24 2021 Answers:

Wonderful 3 letters RAD
____ transit 4 letters MASS
Also 4 letters PLUS
Ginger ____ 3 letters ALE
Swell 6 letters DILATE
Sow’s sound 4 letters OINK
Crib 3 letters BIN
Certain support 6 letters UNIPOD
Ford a river 4 letters WADE
Play the ponies 3 letters BET
Set 3 letters PUT
Heap 7 letters WINDROW
Offend 6 letters INSULT
Foot part 3 letters TOE
Trickle 4 letters SEEP
It might say welcome 7 letters DOORMAT
Bus fee 4 letters FARE
Clips 6 letters SHEARS
Chopper 3 letters AXE
Sour tasting 5 letters ACERB
Fore’s partner 3 letters AFT
Poly ending 5 letters ESTER
Small devil 3 letters IMP
Take it easy 6 letters RESTUP
Ship’s wheel 4 letters HELM
Lionlike 7 letters LEONINE
Flat hill 4 letters MESA
Always to bards 3 letters EER
Musical beat 6 letters RHYTHM
Of the stomach 7 letters GASTRIC
Set of two 3 letters DUO
Kanga’s kid 3 letters ROO
Scads 4 letters ALOT
Select 6 letters CHOOSE
Rural hotel 3 letters INN
Insignia 4 letters SEAL
Plane’s place 6 letters HANGAR
Apple polisher 3 letters PET
This place 4 letters HERE
Fishing gear 4 letters REEL
Look over 3 letters EYE
Talmud scholar 5 letters RABBI
Strange 5 letters ALIEN
Dings 5 letters DENTS
Meeting notes 7 letters MINUTES
Came to ground 4 letters ALIT
Tree exudate 3 letters SAP
Load cargo 4 letters STOW
Loose fresh snow 6 letters POWDER
Falsifier 4 letters LIAR
Pull strings? 4 letters UNDO
Distort 4 letters SKEW
Consisting of two 5 letters DUPLE
Film cutter 6 letters EDITOR
Rope loop 5 letters NOOSE
PC operator 4 letters USER
Cycle 5 letters PHASE
Fact 5 letters DATUM
Comrade 4 letters MATE
Jump for Kwan 4 letters AXEL
Span of time 4 letters TERM
Bomb 4 letters FAIL
Pinnacle 4 letters ACME
Default result 4 letters REPO
Newt 3 letters EFT
Prickly bush 5 letters BRIER
Light carriage 4 letters SHAY
Reward 6 letters ENRICH
Study 7 letters PERUSAL
Vex 6 letters NETTLE
Blacksmith e.g. 5 letters SHOER
Rubbish 5 letters TRIPE
Apiary product 5 letters HONEY
Card game 5 letters MONTE
Incision 4 letters GASH
Downwind 4 letters ALEE
Sail 4 letters SOAR
Sear 4 letters CHAR
Venetian ruler 4 letters DOGE
Singleton 3 letters ONE

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