Penny Dell Crossword October 22 2021 Answers

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Penny Dell Crossword October 22 2021 Answers:

Not so much 4 letters LESS
Small store 4 letters MART
Astonish 4 letters STUN
Deep female voice 4 letters ALTO
Prize medal 5 letters AWARD
Road marker 4 letters CONE
Operator 4 letters USER
Bottle dweller 5 letters GENIE
Grade as a film 4 letters RATE
Dishonor 6 letters DEMEAN
Bullfighter 7 letters MATADOR
Sleep 4 letters REST
Shred 3 letters RIP
Artist’s board 7 letters PALETTE
Chilly covering 6 letters ICECAP
Eagle’s weapon 5 letters TALON
Roof feature 4 letters EAVE
Orangutan e.g. 3 letters APE
Borrow 5 letters ADOPT
Beer’s cousin 3 letters ALE
Chief artery 5 letters AORTA
Large vase 3 letters URN
Grace closer 4 letters AMEN
Lox’s partner 5 letters BAGEL
Wobble 6 letters TEETER
Accounts examiner 7 letters AUDITOR
Also 3 letters AND
Nourish 4 letters FEED
Slim 7 letters SLENDER
Playground item 6 letters SEESAW
Key’s target 4 letters LOCK
Cowboy’s loop 5 letters NOOSE
Clay square 4 letters TILE
Pine 4 letters ACHE
High structure 5 letters TOWER
Social group 4 letters CLAN
Inadequate 4 letters POOR
Copy 4 letters TEXT
Emcee 4 letters HOST
Extol 4 letters LAUD
Or ____ (threat) 4 letters ELSE
Source 4 letters STEM
Angry 4 letters SORE
Attracting body 6 letters MAGNET
Dread 3 letters AWE
Scurried 3 letters RAN
Edging 4 letters TRIM
Rub harshly 6 letters SCRAPE
Frog’s warty kin 4 letters TOAD
Biblical word 4 letters UNTO
Poetic contraction 4 letters NEER
Sweetie 6 letters DEARIE
Don’t exist 5 letters ARENT
Muscle twitch 3 letters TIC
Hot vapor 5 letters STEAM
Fortune-teller’s prop 7 letters TEALEAF
Priest 5 letters PADRE
Isolated 5 letters ALONE
Cut off 3 letters LOP
Freight 5 letters CARGO
More prone 5 letters APTER
Ring 4 letters PEAL
Tight 4 letters TAUT
Place 5 letters VENUE
Dwell 5 letters ABIDE
Cookie grain 3 letters OAT
Eager 6 letters ARDENT
Harbor sight 6 letters TANKER
Halt 3 letters END
Dry wilderness 6 letters DESERT
Insult result 4 letters SLAP
Insane 4 letters LOCO
Mountain sound 4 letters ECHO
Origin 4 letters ROOT
Engrave 4 letters ETCH
Farm building 4 letters SILO
Mournful cry 4 letters ALAS
Attended 4 letters WENT
Be in hock 3 letters OWE
Gender 3 letters SEX

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