Penny Dell Crossword October 16 2021 Answers

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Penny Dell Crossword October 16 2021 Answers:

Moola 4 letters CASH
Rope source 4 letters HEMP
Star briefly 5 letters CELEB
Ceremony 4 letters RITE
Cruising 4 letters ASEA
Drab green 5 letters OLIVE
Prayer concluder 4 letters AMEN
Cut remnant 4 letters SCAR
Officiated for short 5 letters UMPED
Husbands 3 letters MEN
Aquatic animal 5 letters OTTER
Do well 7 letters PROSPER
Not outs 3 letters INS
Circle segment 3 letters ARC
Octopus arm 8 letters TENTACLE
Flirt with 3 letters WOO
Cheerful 6 letters UPBEAT
Ecstatic 8 letters BLISSFUL
Hotel unit 4 letters ROOM
Burn soothers 5 letters ALOES
Station wagon e.g. 4 letters AUTO
Shinier 8 letters GLOSSIER
More lofty 6 letters TALLER
Barely make 3 letters EKE
Serving dishes 8 letters PLATTERS
Family member 3 letters DAD
Game caller shortly 3 letters REF
In theory 7 letters IDEALLY
Runs in neutral 5 letters IDLES
Nay’s opposite 3 letters YEA
Passenger car 5 letters SEDAN
Simple 4 letters EASY
Fiber food 4 letters BRAN
Ripening 5 letters AGING
Accurate 4 letters TRUE
Dangerous chance 4 letters RISK
Small lakes 5 letters PONDS
Destroyed 4 letters SLEW
Plays a role 4 letters ACTS
Muscle spasm 5 letters CRAMP
Pointer 5 letters AIMER
Pool worker 5 letters STENO
Female chicken 3 letters HEN
Contains 3 letters HAS
Protective guard 6 letters ESCORT
Beef e.g. 4 letters MEAT
Atom 8 letters PARTICLE
College offerings 7 letters COURSES
Graceful tree 3 letters ELM
Mouth part 3 letters LIP
December 31 e.g. 3 letters EVE
Crib or cot 3 letters BED
Joined the army 8 letters ENLISTED
Plant stalks 5 letters STEMS
Edible seed 3 letters PEA
Involved 8 letters ENTAILED
Bad 5 letters AWFUL
Way 5 letters ROUTE
Dye 5 letters COLOR
Scrub a launch 5 letters ABORT
Egged on 5 letters URGED
Fast dance 5 letters POLKA
Hissed 5 letters BOOED
Chip dip 5 letters SALSA
Fliers 8 letters LEAFLETS
Coils 7 letters SPRINGS
Common verb 3 letters ARE
Sneeze paper 6 letters TISSUE
Songlike 5 letters LYRIC
Lowest 5 letters LEAST
Pulls hard 5 letters YANKS
Nobleman 4 letters EARL
Chump 3 letters SAP
____ trip 3 letters EGO
Clangor 3 letters DIN
Plus 3 letters AND
Evergreen 3 letters YEW
Bikini piece 3 letters BRA

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