Penny Dell Crossword November 22 2020 Answers

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Penny Dell Crossword November 22 2020 Answers:

Loyalty 5 letters TROTH
Stellar soprano 4 letters DIVA
Distinctive flair 4 letters ELAN
Uncanny 5 letters EERIE
Entity 4 letters UNIT
Marceau e.g. 4 letters MIME
Fossil resin 5 letters AMBER
Dill herb 4 letters ANET
Cohort 4 letters PEER
Stare rudely 4 letters OGLE
Swarm 6 letters ABOUND
Event 6 letters AFFAIR
Happen again 5 letters RECUR
Frosty’s pipe 7 letters CORNCOB
Small crustacean 6 letters SHRIMP
Cafeteria item 4 letters TRAY
Inscribed 5 letters WROTE
Affected manner 4 letters AIRS
Ball caller 3 letters UMP
Astound 3 letters AWE
Baltic or Bering 3 letters SEA
Smurf leader 4 letters PAPA
Swiss city 5 letters WILER
____ the Way You Are 4 letters JUST
Borg’s sport 6 letters TENNIS
Humility 7 letters MODESTY
Receiver 5 letters DONEE
Sky streaker 6 letters METEOR
Clips 6 letters SHEARS
Movie spool 4 letters REEL
Hamlet 4 letters TOWN
Fiery gem 4 letters OPAL
Pump up 5 letters ELATE
Assist a criminal 4 letters ABET
Clump 4 letters MASS
Morning program 5 letters TODAY
Weary 4 letters BORE
Fencing blade 4 letters EPEE
Invest 5 letters ENDUE
British brew 3 letters TEA
Stipe’s group 3 letters REM
Circle 3 letters ORB
Draw 3 letters TIE
Daring 6 letters HEROIC
Twofold 4 letters DUAL
Enclosed 5 letters INNER
Fight 3 letters VIE
Embassy official 7 letters ATTACHE
Retail shops 7 letters EMPORIA
Place 4 letters LIEU
Last word 4 letters AMEN
Geek 4 letters NERD
Increase 4 letters GROW
Prickly seedcase 3 letters BUR
Misbehave 5 letters ACTUP
Layout 6 letters FORMAT
Thick shake 6 letters FRAPPE
____ Wednesday 3 letters ANY
High regard 6 letters ESTEEM
Cook slowly 6 letters BRAISE
Treat badly 6 letters MISUSE
Conjurer’s command 6 letters PRESTO
Wise bird 3 letters OWL
Woodland deity 5 letters SATYR
Slow in music 7 letters ANDANTE
Charming 7 letters WINSOME
Capital of Italy 4 letters ROME
Plane 3 letters JET
Likewise not 3 letters NOR
Cancel 6 letters DELETE
Wipe away 5 letters ERASE
Try 4 letters STAB
Vagrant 4 letters HOBO
Pitcher 4 letters EWER
If not 4 letters ELSE
Drivel 3 letters PAP
Mr. Chaney 3 letters LON
Total up 3 letters ADD
Greek letter 3 letters TAU
Lens opening 3 letters EYE

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