Penny Dell Crossword May 9 2021 Answers

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Penny Dell Crossword May 9 2021 Answers:

Inactivity 5 letters SLOTH
Durango fare 4 letters TACO
Load 4 letters STOW
Birchbark craft 5 letters CANOE
Lab gel 4 letters AGAR
Curve 4 letters ARCH
Shade of blue 5 letters AZURE
Leading 4 letters MAIN
Formality 4 letters RITE
Me ____ and I 6 letters MYSELF
Enchanted 7 letters MAGICAL
Liken 6 letters EQUATE
Lodge brother 3 letters ELK
Large mop 4 letters SWAB
Mimic a mole 6 letters TUNNEL
Like a bibliophile 8 letters WELLREAD
Lit up 5 letters AGLOW
Contest 5 letters ARGUE
Certain evergreen 3 letters YEW
Hogwash 5 letters TRIPE
Necklace gem 5 letters PEARL
Logical 8 letters RATIONAL
Slow in music 6 letters ADAGIO
Moolah 4 letters GELT
Append 3 letters ADD
Shorter route 6 letters CUTOFF
Object to 7 letters PROTEST
Improvement 6 letters UPTURN
Fork point 4 letters TINE
Pipe 4 letters TUBE
Corbin Bernsen role 5 letters ARNIE
Tie 4 letters EVEN
Plenty informally 4 letters ENUF
Car model 5 letters SEDAN
Oboe e.g. 4 letters REED
Ease 4 letters REST
Fur scarf 5 letters STOLE
Sting 4 letters SCAM
Sluggish 4 letters LAZY
Heavy burden 4 letters ONUS
Pulled violently 4 letters TORE
Sock part 4 letters HEEL
Flat hat 3 letters TAM
____ Khan 3 letters AGA
Crocodile type 6 letters CAIMAN
Elaborate 6 letters ORNATE
Eastern garment 4 letters SARI
Instant 5 letters TRICE
Based on eight 5 letters OCTAL
Edible gastropod 5 letters WHELK
Dinner party 4 letters FETE
Italian ice creams 6 letters GELATI
Pier 4 letters QUAY
Experience 7 letters UNDERGO
Substitute 4 letters SWAP
The Way We ____ 4 letters WERE
Water growth 4 letters ALGA
Smudge 4 letters BLUR
Tie again 6 letters RELACE
Liquor 4 letters GROG
Boundary 4 letters LINE
October’s gem 4 letters OPAL
Swelling 4 letters WELT
Stray 4 letters WAIF
Health food 4 letters TOFU
Housecoat 6 letters DUSTER
Harmonize 6 letters ATTUNE
More suitable 5 letters APTER
Ambition 5 letters DRIVE
Gift recipient 5 letters DONEE
Watch over 4 letters TEND
Elapse 4 letters PASS
Waste allowance 4 letters TRET
Disconnect 4 letters UNDO
Iranian money 4 letters RIAL
Kauai goose 4 letters NENE
Clear tables 3 letters BUS
Small newt 3 letters EFT

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