Penny Dell Crossword May 17 2023 Answers

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Penny Dell Crossword May 17 2023 Answers:

Ali ____ 4 letters BABA
Bell sound 4 letters DING
Dutton role 3 letters ROC
Off yonder 4 letters AFAR
Certain oil 6 letters CANOLA
Bard’s before 3 letters ERE
Car spare 4 letters TIRE
Made a higher offer 6 letters OUTBID
Gloomy 3 letters SAD
Part of HMS 3 letters HER
Vagrant 4 letters HOBO
Armed conflict 6 letters BATTLE
Omit 5 letters ELIDE
Billfish 3 letters GAR
It might say welcome 7 letters DOORMAT
Fodder 6 letters SILAGE
Chisel 5 letters GOUGE
Jabbing 6 letters POKING
Middling 4 letters SOSO
Card game 5 letters SAMBA
Cozy 4 letters SNUG
Be hostile to 6 letters OPPOSE
Sales attempt 5 letters PITCH
Garden tool 6 letters WEEDER
Footing 7 letters TOEHOLD
Bee chaser 3 letters CEE
Mindful 5 letters AWARE
Dryness 6 letters THIRST
Cake level 4 letters TIER
Water blockade 3 letters DAM
Klutz 3 letters OAF
Naval squadron 6 letters ARMADA
Boundary 4 letters EDGE
Schuss 3 letters SKI
Lamenter 6 letters WAILER
Large cat 4 letters LION
Triple ____ 3 letters SEC
Prayer 4 letters PLEA
Manage 4 letters FEND
Take a shower 5 letters BATHE
Abroad 6 letters AFIELD
Latin quarter 6 letters BARRIO
Live 3 letters ARE
Paint 4 letters DAUB
Hooked on 4 letters INTO
Head 3 letters NOB
Fluent 4 letters GLIB
Rein in 8 letters RESTRAIN
Graduate test 4 letters ORAL
Transfer 4 letters CEDE
Dove call 3 letters COO
Slow in music 6 letters ADAGIO
Champion 4 letters HERO
The View e.g. 8 letters TALKSHOW
Well-intentioned person 8 letters DOGOODER
Person who ponders 5 letters MUSER
Eastern ruler 3 letters AGA
Allure 5 letters TEMPT
Sudden flow 5 letters SPATE
Oxlike beast 3 letters GNU
Hen’s product 3 letters EGG
Plant 3 letters SOW
Poet’s ajar 3 letters OPE
Detailed 8 letters SPECIFIC
Life story for short 3 letters BIO
Playground item 6 letters SEESAW
Burn 4 letters CHAR
Scottish boy 6 letters LADDIE
Mythical monster 6 letters DRAGON
Change as text 5 letters EMEND
Lob 4 letters TOSS
Codlike fish 4 letters HAKE
Golf hazard 4 letters TRAP
Fable e.g. 4 letters TALE
Brain wave 4 letters IDEA
Bend an ____ 3 letters EAR
Unit of length 3 letters MIL
Santa’s staffer 3 letters ELF

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