Penny Dell Crossword May 13 2023 Answers

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Penny Dell Crossword May 13 2023 Answers:

Pileless rug 5 letters KILIM
Dry run 4 letters TEST
Bering e.g. 3 letters SEA
Coliseum 5 letters ARENA
Cancel at Canaveral 5 letters ABORT
Basker’s goal 3 letters TAN
Golf course 5 letters LINKS
Mistake 5 letters BONER
Omelet element 3 letters EGG
Highway curve 3 letters ESS
Sequin 7 letters SPANGLE
Porter 3 letters ALE
Weepy 5 letters TEARY
Pantry 6 letters LARDER
Echo 7 letters RESOUND
Ebb ____ 4 letters TIDE
Excite 6 letters AROUSE
City vehicle 3 letters BUS
Heap of wood 4 letters PYRE
Familiarize 5 letters INURE
Curse 3 letters HEX
Botch 5 letters BLOOP
Cold-cut seller 4 letters DELI
Machine part 3 letters COG
Widespread affliction 6 letters PLAGUE
Sign filler 4 letters NEON
Mollify 7 letters PLACATE
Mountain lion 6 letters COUGAR
Cleanse 5 letters ERASE
Boundary 3 letters RIM
Harass 7 letters TORMENT
Coal carrier 3 letters HOD
Priestly wear 3 letters ALB
Vote into law 5 letters ENACT
Met event 5 letters OPERA
Final letter 3 letters ZEE
Alley button 5 letters RESET
Untamed 5 letters FERAL
Be incorrect 3 letters ERR
Those guys 4 letters THEY
Tale 5 letters FABLE
Curly greens 4 letters KALE
Garden bloom 4 letters IRIS
Optical glass 4 letters LENS
Pen liquid 3 letters INK
Muscle-tension reliever 8 letters MASSEUSE
Knight’s tunic 6 letters TABARD
Piano-key wood 5 letters EBONY
Vocalized tune 4 letters SONG
Arbor 7 letters TRELLIS
Place 5 letters STEAD
American symbol 5 letters EAGLE
Wrath 5 letters ANGER
Walk on 5 letters TREAD
Plate of glass 4 letters PANE
Traveling 7 letters TOURING
Substitute 7 letters REPLACE
Police action 4 letters RAID
Coastal bird 4 letters ERNE
Spirit 4 letters SOUL
Monkey suit 3 letters TUX
Appeal 3 letters BEG
Type of exercise 4 letters YOGA
Total defeat 4 letters ROUT
Duelist’s weapon 4 letters EPEE
Sweetie 3 letters HON
Countdown event 8 letters BLASTOFF
Crown 7 letters CORONET
Itinerary 4 letters PLAN
Snacker 5 letters EATER
Comely 6 letters PRETTY
Mania 5 letters CRAZE
Tankship 5 letters OILER
Brown pigment 5 letters UMBER
Roast host 5 letters EMCEE
Hasty 4 letters RASH
Oregano e.g. 4 letters HERB
Certain exam 4 letters ORAL
Hill’s opposite 4 letters DALE
Legume 3 letters PEA

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