Penny Dell Crossword March 24 2023 Answers

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Penny Dell Crossword March 24 2023 Answers:

Cheep digs? 4 letters NEST
Lead 4 letters HEAD
Social class 5 letters CASTE
Site 4 letters AREA
Caisson’s contents 4 letters AMMO
Whirling 5 letters AREEL
Brace 4 letters GIRD
Winter lift 4 letters TBAR
Demolish 5 letters TOTAL
____ bean 4 letters SNAP
Musical pulse 6 letters RHYTHM
Acceptable 4 letters OKAY
Amass 5 letters HOARD
Cotton fabric 6 letters CALICO
Safeguarded 3 letters HID
Before in a poem 3 letters ERE
Relevant 6 letters COGENT
Expose 4 letters BARE
Open container 3 letters TUB
Mine shipment 3 letters ORE
Awkward 5 letters INEPT
Tumult 3 letters ADO
Lodge 3 letters INN
Spirited 4 letters AVID
Naval rank 6 letters ENSIGN
Grazed 3 letters FED
Shred 3 letters RIP
Ladybug e.g. 6 letters BEETLE
Unspoken 5 letters TACIT
Pay (up) 4 letters ANTE
Prime 6 letters HEYDAY
Entreated 4 letters PLED
Transplant 5 letters REPOT
Neglect 4 letters OMIT
Alone 4 letters SOLO
Bide time 5 letters AWAIT
Grappa’s cousin 4 letters VINO
Girasol 4 letters OPAL
Land 5 letters TERRA
Boundary 4 letters EDGE
Hawaii state bird 4 letters NENE
Bugs 4 letters NAGS
Walton daughter 4 letters ERIN
Evening in Rome 4 letters SERA
Young frog 7 letters TADPOLE
Derby 3 letters HAT
Early stage 6 letters EMBRYO
Servant in Asia 4 letters AMAH
Hunky-____ 4 letters DORY
Battery terminal 7 letters CATHODE
Perfume 5 letters AROMA
Backdrop 3 letters SET
Chinese brew 3 letters TEA
Pipe joint 3 letters ELL
Baker’s dozen 8 letters THIRTEEN
Relatives 3 letters KIN
Animation 8 letters ACTIVITY
Sell (for) 6 letters RETAIL
Work hard 6 letters DRUDGE
Trumpet’s cousin 6 letters CORNET
Docket 6 letters AGENDA
Chance 3 letters HAP
Black poetically 4 letters EBON
Style hair 4 letters COIF
Garden plot 3 letters BED
Small drink 3 letters NIP
Short operatic piece 7 letters ARIETTA
After-tax profit 3 letters NET
Child by marriage 7 letters STEPSON
Howling 6 letters BAYING
Band of singers 5 letters CHOIR
Bird that coos 4 letters DOVE
During 4 letters AMID
Run easily 4 letters LOPE
Flair 4 letters ELAN
Charity 4 letters DOLE
Betrayer 3 letters RAT
Field grazer 3 letters EWE
Bogey beater 3 letters PAR
Hallux 3 letters TOE

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