Penny Dell Crossword March 19 2023 Answers

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Penny Dell Crossword March 19 2023 Answers:

Small duck 4 letters SMEW
Ready money 4 letters CASH
Laser’s kin 5 letters MASER
Food mixture 4 letters HASH
Car 4 letters AUTO
Draw out 5 letters EDUCE
Hooked on 4 letters INTO
Formal teen dance 4 letters PROM
Frosting flavor 5 letters MOCHA
Be repentant 3 letters RUE
Ejection 7 letters HEAVEHO
Short flight 3 letters HOP
Shiver 6 letters TREMOR
Spam source 5 letters EMAIL
Muslim prince 4 letters EMIR
Display 7 letters ARRAYAL
Lass’s counterpart 3 letters LAD
Weird 3 letters ODD
____ receiver 4 letters WIDE
Nudge 4 letters PROD
Motivate 5 letters IMPEL
Drove fast 4 letters SPED
Chest sound 4 letters RALE
Fix definitely 3 letters SET
Part of IOU 3 letters YOU
Single appearance 7 letters ONESHOT
Lab container 4 letters VIAL
Drying cloth 5 letters TOWEL
Group of four 6 letters TETRAD
Bug 3 letters NAG
Type of billiards 7 letters SNOOKER
Nasty mutt 3 letters CUR
Cease to a tar 5 letters AVAST
Devastation 4 letters RUIN
Be bold enough 4 letters DARE
Variety show 5 letters REVUE
____ of Wight 4 letters ISLE
Concept 4 letters IDEA
Fish basket 5 letters CREEL
Penny e.g. 4 letters CENT
Fuse 4 letters MELD
Polo ____ 5 letters SHIRT
Soil enhancer 6 letters MANURE
Regard 6 letters ESTEEM
Gossiper’s query 3 letters WHO
Escapade 5 letters CAPER
General mood 4 letters AURA
Hot box 5 letters STOVE
From scratch 8 letters HOMEMADE
Personal story 6 letters MEMOIR
Activity 3 letters ADO
Similar 4 letters SUCH
Cave sound 4 letters ECHO
Bring in the sheaves 4 letters REAP
Spanish hour 4 letters HORA
Only just 6 letters HARDLY
Blandest 7 letters MILDEST
Court action 7 letters LAWSUIT
Bark 3 letters YIP
Citrus suffix 3 letters ADE
Pioneered 3 letters LED
Cast out 6 letters DISOWN
Select 3 letters OPT
Con’s foe 3 letters PRO
Dashed 3 letters RAN
Torero’s hurrah 3 letters OLE
Like a shooting star 8 letters METEORIC
Ham radio term 4 letters OVER
Inn 6 letters HOSTEL
Gallery 6 letters ARCADE
Evergreen 6 letters LAUREL
____ up (botch) 5 letters LOUSE
Doctrine 5 letters TENET
Fear greatly 5 letters DREAD
DEA worker 4 letters NARC
Vouch 4 letters AVER
Yielded 4 letters GAVE
Potter’s oven 4 letters KILN
Author Grafton 3 letters SUE
Dull 3 letters DIM

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