Penny Dell Crossword June 27 2022 Answers

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Penny Dell Crossword June 27 2022 Answers:

Fleetwood ____ 3 letters MAC
Wager again 5 letters REBID
Knox or Dix 4 letters FORT
Everything 3 letters ALL
Spanish rattle 6 letters MARACA
Bitter herb 4 letters ALOE
Extinct bird 3 letters MOA
Wild ass 6 letters ONAGER
Family 4 letters CLAN
Rupture 5 letters BURST
School skipper 6 letters TRUANT
Car gauge 8 letters ODOMETER
Diamond girl 3 letters LIL
Marry on the sly 5 letters ELOPE
Tempt 6 letters ENTICE
Display 4 letters SHOW
Chair part 3 letters LEG
Church council 5 letters SYNOD
Motor device 3 letters CAM
Purify 7 letters CLEANSE
Fashion 3 letters FAD
Cover story 5 letters ALIBI
Also 3 letters TOO
Sacred 4 letters HOLY
Foolish affection 6 letters DOTAGE
Body section 5 letters TORSO
Orange tuber 3 letters YAM
Constrictor 8 letters ANACONDA
Soak up 6 letters ABSORB
Alone 5 letters APART
Gaunt 4 letters LEAN
Hardship 6 letters ORDEAL
Pigeon’s cry 3 letters COO
Slacken 4 letters EASE
Origin 6 letters SOURCE
Deary 3 letters HON
Once 4 letters ERST
Not tart 5 letters SWEET
Ajar to a bard 3 letters OPE
Ballroom dance 5 letters MAMBO
Vocally 5 letters ALOUD
Smoker’s choice 5 letters CLARO
Bled as a color 3 letters RAN
Cenozoic e.g. 3 letters ERA
It’s in the ____ 3 letters BAG
Drink cube 3 letters ICE
Move quickly 6 letters DARTLE
School staff 7 letters FACULTY
Widemouthed jar 4 letters OLLA
Red horse 4 letters ROAN
Camp shelter 4 letters TENT
Highway inn 5 letters MOTEL
Merganser’s kin 4 letters SMEW
Flush 5 letters RINSE
Road tax 4 letters TOLL
Three-sided blade 4 letters EPEE
Yacht race 7 letters REGATTA
Scoop 4 letters INFO
Certain fuel 4 letters COAL
Duane ____ 4 letters EDDY
Lots 4 letters SCAD
Nimbus 4 letters HALO
Disregard 4 letters OMIT
Cheroot 5 letters CIGAR
Midday 4 letters NOON
Marsh bird 4 letters SORA
Daggerlike weapon 7 letters BAYONET
Metal ring 4 letters HOOP
Carve in relief 6 letters EMBOSS
Fish feature 5 letters SCALE
Mexican snack 5 letters NACHO
Slouch 5 letters DROOP
Unified 5 letters ATONE
Toward shelter asea 4 letters ALEE
Endure 4 letters BEAR
Rudeness 4 letters SASS
Line of seats 3 letters ROW
Now payable 3 letters DUE
Bard’s before 3 letters ERE
False front 3 letters ACT

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