Penny Dell Crossword June 22 2022 Answers

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Penny Dell Crossword June 22 2022 Answers:

Codgers 5 letters COOTS
Sound of a fall 4 letters THUD
Bandeau 3 letters BRA
Not illuminated 5 letters UNLIT
Precarious 5 letters SHAKY
Corded fabric 3 letters REP
Cowboy contest 5 letters RODEO
Macho types 5 letters HEMEN
Choose 3 letters OPT
Drop by 5 letters POPIN
Love dearly 5 letters ADORE
Certain plane 6 letters GLIDER
Cigar container 7 letters HUMIDOR
Bridle part 4 letters REIN
Betrayal 7 letters TREASON
Newhart setting 3 letters INN
A Turner 3 letters IKE
North Pole worker 3 letters ELF
Western mammal 4 letters PIKA
Crane e.g. 5 letters WADER
Aggravate 4 letters RILE
Racetrack curve 3 letters ESS
Beer’s bitter kin 3 letters ALE
Put down 3 letters LAY
Of heat 7 letters CALORIC
Shave 4 letters PARE
Crown 7 letters CORONET
Console 6 letters SOLACE
Intense as pain 5 letters ACUTE
More foxy 5 letters SLYER
Confederate soldier 3 letters REB
Dull finish 5 letters MATTE
U or I 5 letters VOWEL
Lass 3 letters GAL
Blockhead 5 letters IDIOT
Mournful poem 5 letters ELEGY
____ O’Clock Jump 3 letters ONE
Soda selection 4 letters COLA
Rock shelf 5 letters LEDGE
Mangy mutt 3 letters CUR
Lennon’s lady 3 letters ONO
Ancient 3 letters OLD
Cravat catcher 6 letters TIEPIN
Got up 5 letters STOOD
Formerly 4 letters THEN
Glazed ____ 3 letters HAM
Maui strings 3 letters UKE
Go-getter 6 letters DYNAMO
Worry 5 letters BROOD
Printer’s proof 5 letters REPRO
More likely 5 letters APTER
To gather cloth 5 letters SHIRR
Family animal 3 letters PET
Eatery 5 letters DINER
Aladdin’s helper 5 letters GENIE
Golf course 5 letters LINKS
Cod’s kin 4 letters HAKE
Web surfer 4 letters USER
Fictional sleeper 3 letters RIP
Large duck 5 letters EIDER
Purple flower 5 letters LILAC
Roadside warning 5 letters FLARE
Broad necktie 5 letters ASCOT
Fabric weave 4 letters WALE
Scads 4 letters ALOT
Seeing organ 3 letters EYE
Lackluster 6 letters ANEMIC
Small cay 5 letters ISLET
Teasingly shy 3 letters COY
Conditional release 6 letters PAROLE
Ship’s load 5 letters CARGO
Pacific or Arctic 5 letters OCEAN
Russian money 5 letters RUBLE
Rank 5 letters LEVEL
Plato’s porch 4 letters STOA
Tumult 3 letters ADO
Sesame plant 3 letters TIL
Attach firmly 3 letters WED
Easter symbol 3 letters EGG
Caustic stuff 3 letters LYE

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