Penny Dell Crossword June 22 2021 Answers

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Penny Dell Crossword June 22 2021 Answers:

Scheme 4 letters SCAM
Come together 4 letters MEET
Cuban line dance 5 letters CONGA
Hungarian sheepdog 4 letters PULI
Aware of 4 letters ONTO
Pertaining to birds 5 letters AVIAN
Bellow 4 letters YELL
Yonder 4 letters AFAR
Right-hand page 5 letters RECTO
Gambling game 4 letters KENO
____-eyed monster 5 letters GREEN
Bulblike base 4 letters CORM
Cowboy’s rope 5 letters LASSO
Bush 5 letters SHRUB
Doodle 4 letters DRAW
Pack animal 3 letters ASS
Artillery piece 6 letters CANNON
Squeeze 4 letters CRAM
Card game 3 letters LOO
Poet’s ajar 3 letters OPE
Raw-fish dish 7 letters SASHIMI
Relative 3 letters KIN
Byron’s above 3 letters OER
Portico 4 letters STOA
African antelope 6 letters IMPALA
Thickness 3 letters PLY
Mine passage 4 letters ADIT
Tankship 5 letters OILER
Iced 5 letters GLACE
Fuss 4 letters STIR
Snake 5 letters MAMBA
Chunk 4 letters SLAB
Sour tasting 5 letters ACERB
Fortune 4 letters FATE
Harbinger 4 letters OMEN
Mollusk 5 letters SNAIL
Fancy 4 letters IDEA
Collect 4 letters SAVE
Avoid 5 letters HEDGE
Geek 4 letters NERD
Cook slowly 4 letters STEW
Bond e.g. 3 letters SPY
Billiard stick 3 letters CUE
Totality 3 letters ALL
Routine trip 7 letters MILKRUN
Lament 4 letters MOAN
Wrap 6 letters ENFOLD
Athens vowel 3 letters ETA
Rocky peak 3 letters TOR
Freightage 5 letters CARGO
Greater than 4 letters OVER
French city 4 letters NICE
Entrance 4 letters GATE
Presently 4 letters ANON
Raise in relief 6 letters EMBOSS
Church 6 letters CHAPEL
Mean 6 letters ORNERY
From ages ago 7 letters ARCHAIC
Indian outfit 4 letters SARI
Wise man 5 letters SWAMI
Ladle 5 letters SCOOP
Base 6 letters ALKALI
Polluter 6 letters SOILER
Sub device 5 letters SONAR
Of birth 5 letters NATAL
Brunch punch 6 letters MIMOSA
____ fountain 4 letters SODA
Casino employee 7 letters PITBOSS
Exam giver 6 letters TESTER
Roof peak 5 letters GABLE
Reduce to a pulp 4 letters MASH
Teen’s problem 4 letters ACNE
Honey drink 4 letters MEAD
Military jail 4 letters BRIG
Top spot 4 letters LEAD
Flipper 3 letters FIN
Fruity drink 3 letters ADE
Cushion 3 letters MAT
Dusk 3 letters EVE
Unexplored 3 letters NEW

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