Penny Dell Crossword June 16 2021 Answers

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Penny Dell Crossword June 16 2021 Answers:

Leg 3 letters GAM
Not in tune 3 letters OFF
Andean climber 5 letters LLAMA
Unlock poetically 3 letters OPE
Light lampoon 5 letters SPOOF
Ocean vessel 5 letters OILER
Snakelike letter 3 letters ESS
Eye makeup 5 letters LINER
Grudge 5 letters SPITE
Answer 7 letters RESPOND
Feminine sheep 3 letters EWE
Baseball item 3 letters BAT
Studio 7 letters ATELIER
Carpet’s surface 4 letters PILE
Cache 5 letters STASH
Enamor 6 letters ENDEAR
Formal garb shortly 3 letters TUX
Broth 8 letters CONSOMME
Soul 5 letters ANIMA
Pep 3 letters VIM
Keanu Reeves movie 5 letters SPEED
Rubbers 8 letters GALOSHES
Always find fault 3 letters NAG
Slacks 6 letters CHINOS
Fry quickly 5 letters SAUTE
Mass 4 letters BULK
Andiron 7 letters FIREDOG
Greek letter 3 letters ETA
Bro’s sibling 3 letters SIS
Argues 7 letters DEBATES
Uncertain 5 letters ATSEA
Emulate Cicero 5 letters ORATE
Chat 3 letters RAP
Alley button 5 letters RESET
Saltpeter 5 letters NITER
Egg cells 3 letters OVA
Dull buzz 5 letters DRONE
For each 3 letters PER
Hankering 3 letters YEN
Frequent attender 4 letters GOER
Church part 4 letters APSE
Mix-up 4 letters MESS
Give a view 5 letters OPINE
Nuzzle 6 letters FONDLE
Opponent 3 letters FOE
Fail to win 4 letters LOSE
Jar rim 3 letters LIP
Ike’s excuse? 5 letters ALIBI
Bronze e.g. 5 letters METAL
Sharp ridge 5 letters ARETE
Laziness 5 letters SLOTH
Emancipation 7 letters FREEDOM
Dance step 3 letters PAS
Brown songbird 4 letters WREN
Canine’s neighbor 7 letters INCISOR
Actor’s tool 4 letters PROP
Fawn’s father 4 letters STAG
Yellowfin e.g. 4 letters TUNA
Leaf’s angle 4 letters AXIL
Mule’s kin 3 letters ASS
Hostess’s handout 4 letters MENU
Protein source 4 letters MEAT
Sidle 4 letters EDGE
Make fun of 4 letters MOCK
Cigar residue 3 letters ASH
Hunter’s meal perhaps 7 letters VENISON
Sound gear 4 letters HIFI
Tranquilize 6 letters SEDATE
Grave 5 letters SOBER
Eastern ruler 3 letters AGA
Facial hair 5 letters BEARD
Speak 5 letters UTTER
Ranch rope 5 letters LASSO
Forestall 5 letters DETER
Quench 4 letters SATE
Michigan city 4 letters TROY
Chalet part 4 letters EAVE
Stretch across 4 letters SPAN
Poetic dusk 3 letters EEN
Tear apart 3 letters RIP

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